Journalist Smears Colorado Sec of State for Investigating Foreigners Voting

Journalist Smears Colorado Sec of State for Investigating Foreigners Voting

Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler was responsible for exposing155 foreigners who possibly voted in U.S. elections, constituting a crime. However, a reporter from a local TV station,Eli Stokols, sourced a left-of-center political analyst forthe story rather than simply reporting on the 155 felonies supposedly committed. 

Stokols made sure to include hyperbolic accusationsfrom far-left circles alleging Gessler was somehow motivatedby a desire to prevent Hispanics from voting rather than his job touphold the rule-of-law.

J. Christian Adams, the Department of Justice (DOJ) whistleblower who accused Attorney General Eric Holder of allowing racial motivations to influence the enforcement of the nation’s laws, wrote a scathing piece on the matter for PJ Media. Adams piece asserts that the local reporter “aids and joins” attacks on whistleblowers.

Adams asserts that the local reporter’s smear of the Colorado Secretaryof State exists within the larger context of propaganda journalism andan effort to silence political opposition, rather than simply report astory. “Why is Stokols contacting a ‘political analyst’ for a story about 155felons voting in Colorado?” he asked.

“The answer is simple – Stokols is ananti-journalist. His job is to destroy the story, not report it,” Adams claimed. “Instead of calling Colorado U.S. Attorney John Walsh and asking if hisoffice will pursue felony charges against the 155 individuals Gesslerdiscovered, Stokols turns the story of a crime into a story ofpolitics.”


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