Watch: Humiliated 'Morning Joe' Panel Deals with Colorado Recall Defeat

Watch: Humiliated 'Morning Joe' Panel Deals with Colorado Recall Defeat

Not for days, not for weeks, but for months, Joe Scarborough and his Morning Joe panel not only pushed, begged and berated Congress to pass new gun control laws — they threatened, shamed, mocked, and laughed in the faces of anyone who dared disagree. But Tuesday, voters in the bluer-than-red state-of Colorado told Scarborough and company to go get their shine box.  Here is their unforgettably awkward and red-faced reaction:

What we saw from Scarborough and company, in the months following the terrible murders at Sandy Hook Elementary, wasn’t even concern-trolling; it was The Sanctimony of Our Betters coming from those who had deluded themselves into believing the GOP and NRA were on the path to irrelevance unless they reversed course and restricted Americans’ Second Amendment civil rights with laws that would have done absolutely nothing to stop another Sandy Hook.

To listen to Scarborough, it was NRA that was losing its political clout. To listen to Scarborough, it was the GOP ensuring they would lose seats. “Oh, no,” Joe screamed! “The ‘lying‘ GOP is doomed if they don’t listen to me and hand Obama a victory on guns!”

Even after Manchin-Toomey died in the Senate, Scarborough and his peanut-gallery practiced a scorched-earth policy to hammer the NRA and GOP as out-of-touch, suicidal nitwits for not caving to their relentless emotional blackmail and cherry-picked polls.

Well, a funny thing happened on the way to Reality, a funny thing called democracy — something that would not have caught The Bubbled off-guard had they been adult enough to consider this poll, or perhaps this one. Tuesday in Colorado, although outspent by the opposition, everyday citizens, with some help from the NRA, booted out two Democrat State Senators for passing the same gun control laws Scarborough demanded the GOP pass in order to survive.

In other words, Scarborough was 100% wrong — it is Democrats and Bloomberg’s anti-gun group that took a beating for taking Scarborough’s advice.

So watch the video again… This what a boorish, unrelenting, shrill, dishonest, and holier-than-thou crusade looks like after it meets American Liberty.


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