AR-15: CNN, Daily News Have Already Blown Their Gun Control Narrative

AR-15: CNN, Daily News Have Already Blown Their Gun Control Narrative

Tuesday’s New York Daily News cover story is nothing more than a long-form editorial that attempts to make the AR-15 (a semiautomatic sport rifle) the bad guy in Monday’s horrific Navy Yard shooting. Last night, CNN attempted to do the same through blowhard Piers Morgan. But there is just one problem: CNN and The Daily News are 100% wrong. The FBI has just confirmed that a shotgun and two pistols were recovered, and that the “gunman was NOT armed with [an] AR-15.”  

Tuesday morning’s Daily News cover hysterically blared, “Same Gun Different Slay.”


Inside, Mike Lupica continued the blare:

This time the shooter is reported to be a Navy reservist named Aaron Alexis and when he is shot dead by law enforcement, taken out before he can put a gun to his own head the way Lanza did, he has his light, handy assault weapon with him, and a semiautomatic pistol, and a shotgun.

But even if the shooter had used a semiautomatic rifle (which we now know he didn’t), it would have been one he took from a security guard during the rampage. Maybe the Daily News didn’t get it wrong; maybe Lupica and company are so far over the edge that they are now calling for the American military to be disarmed?

Meanwhile, over at CNN, within hours of the shooting, the network allowed Piers Morgan to launch his own sanctimonious attack against the AR-15:

But just a few hours later, CNN had to walk it back. Buried in an article singling out the AR-15, CNN reported that an AR-15 was not found on the scene.

Apparently, sometime yesterday, the talking point went out that said that the anti-gun narrative coming out of the Navy Yard shootings would be to turn the AR-15 into this massacre’s convenient left-wing bogeyman  — all in an effort to get it banned.

The left-wing, anti-science media blows it again by caring more about the agenda than the facts.

This is especially devastating for CNN, a cable network desperate to get off the floor after non-stop debacles involving the Boston Marathon bombing, being caught openly pushing for gun control, and all things George Zimmerman. Eventually, CNN has to see Piers Morgan as the low-rated liability he really is. Straight out of the gate, within hours of this massacre, CNN already is a punchline … again. 


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