SHUTDOWN Day 3: ObamaCare Failures Overwhelm Media Narrative

SHUTDOWN Day 3: ObamaCare Failures Overwhelm Media Narrative

TAKEAWAY OF THE DAY: A CBS poll shows that 76% of the American people want Obama to negotiate with the GOP — something he is refusing to do. The media are collectively covering this poll up, including CBS News. But the media forget that there is a world outside of Morning Joe and that pretending this poll doesn’t exist does not mean the president’s extreme position won’t hurt him.

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3:04 – CNN Reports Stay-In-Shelter Order Lifted

Both the Senate and House are no longer being order to stay in place.

3:02 — CNN Reports Suspect Tried to Crash Through White House Barriers

CNN reports that the suspect tried to crash through the barriers in front of Pennsylvania Avenue. A car chase followed, a police officer was injured, and the office has been medevac’d. 

The car chase led to Capitol Hill. 

2:54 – ABC News: Female Suspect Is Dead

2:52 – NBC’s Pete Williams Reports Incident Is ‘Over’

Williams reports the incident started at the White House and turned into some kind of car chase.

2:50 – ABC News: Started as Attack on the White House


2:49 – MSNBC Now Reporting ‘Several’ Capitol Police Injured

2:46 – Photo:  Chopper Lands Near Capitol

2:43 – Bloomberg Reports Shooter In Custody

2:39 –  Luke Russert says a helicopter has landed in the DC Mall.

2:37 – Congressman reports the shooter has been arrested

2:33 – Witness tells MSNBC up to 15 shots before a black vehicle sped away. 

2:32 – MSNBC reporting that a Capitol Hill police officer has been shot and wounded. The shots occurred outside the Capitol, not inside. The Capitol is locked down and a “shelter-in-place” order is in place. 

2:22 – Numerous reports via Twitter of gunfire at the Capitol with police scrambling

Luke Russert tells MSNBC he heard three or four shots.

1:54 – Video: RNC Chair Reince Priebus Verbally Slaps MSNBC Bully Around

My favorite part is when Thomas Roberts declared 11,000 people signing up for ObamaCare in Kentucky a win. 

There are around 40 million uninsured in America.

More highlights below:


CHAIRMAN PRIEBUS:  Those are some pretty good talking points. Let me just rewind.

THOMAS ROBERTS:  They’re not talking points. That’s directly from what the president just gave us.

PRIEBUS:  It sounds like I’m debating the chairman of the DNC here, Thomas. that’s fine. I’m happy to debate you.


ROBERTS:  Against the republican option who ran against the mandate who,instituted instituted —

PRIEBUS:  I think you should apply for a job in the Obama administration and the communications.


ROBERTS:  Just answer the question.

PRIEBUS:  Would you support having that methodology and actually taking the government hostage.

ROBERTS:  I would support a president —

PRIEBUS:  Being implemented and sitting down and negotiating like any other president in America would do. The problem is you have a right or wrong from Washington —

ROBERTS:  The sequestration levels that was negotiated by republicans. They agree on what the money needs to be spent.

PRIEBUS:  The fact is that the AVA has been vetted for the Supreme Court.

ROBERTS:  And the both houses of congress and the president was reelected in 2012.

PRIEBUS:  — Negotiate with any Republican in office. I mean, he has redefined being the party of no is all about and that’s this president.

ROBERTS:  Reince, with all due respect and if you’re looking at the long game — oh, you are respecting

PRIEBUS:  Keep coming, Thomas.

1:50 – Chris Matthews Jokes About  ‘Killing O’Reilly’ – Media Silent

NBC’s Chris Matthews “jokes” about “killing” Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly and the media remains silent. Another example of the media reversing its policy of holding individuals accountable for eliminationist rhetoric.

1:29 – Poll: Obama Loses 9-Points In Job Approval

Below you will see that since Monday, Obama has lost ground in the Gallup daily tracking poll. The news is even worse for the president with Rasmussen, where he has lost 9 points and now sits at 47% approve, 51% disapprove.

Monday, Obama was at 52% to 47%.

1:23 – Damage Control: Harry Reid to Sit Down With Dana Bash at 3pm

This is New Media at work. The mainstream media are covering up Reid’s comments yesterday about his seeming indifference to kids with cancer. But New Media is getting the word out about it, and Reid likely feels he needs to do some damage control here with the reporter who asked the question that so flustered Reid.

1:19 – Gallup: Obama Disapproval Climbs to 50%

We are only three days into the shutdown, so don’t read too much into this. But since Monday Obama’s job disapproval rating has jumped two points to 50%. Approval is down a point to 44%. 

12:29 – BuzzFeed Writes ‘You Serious, Bro?’ Over Photo of Obama

Interesting choice. Here is the article.

12:09 – Politico Shifts From Bias to Outright Left-Wing Activism

Bias is when the media pretend to be objective. This is usually how Politico operates; they pose as objective to protect Obama and Democrats. The government shutdown, though, has forced Politico to drop its mask of objectivity and assume the role of outright left-wing activism.

As you will see in the links below, Politico doesn’t even attempt to pretend that what they are doing is journalism. The examples below are pure activism, and all of it directly angled to protect Obama and the shutdown narrative blaming the GOP:

1. Politico Begs Media Not to Report On ObamaCare Glitches

2. Politico Taunts GOP to Shut Down the Government

3. Politico Flacks for Harry Reid By Reading His Mind

The first two stories were lead pieces.

It is important to again note that Politico presents itself as an objective, unbiased media outlet.

And again, the linked examples above are not examples of bias. read the original pieces and what you will objectively see is flat-out, full-bored left-wing activism with no attempt to disguise it as anything else.

11:35 CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield Takes it To Democrats

My primary goal with this running account of the shutdown politics is to document media malfeasance. But I have been so hard on CNN that I feel obligated to report that Ashleigh Banfield not only opened her hour with Harry Reid’s gaffe about kids with cancer, she also informed her viewers that it is Democrats who are refusing to fund the NIH.

Moreover, Banfield was very tough on California Senator Barbara Boxer – going so far as to mention the shutdowns that occurred under Tip O’Neill.

11:14 – Shrill Obama Back to ‘Gun to Head’ Rhetoric

In a campaign speech today, a shrill President Obama returned to his hostage-taking rhetoric, saying of Republicans, “You don’t negotiate by putting a gun to the other person’s head. Or worse yet, by putting a gun to the American peoples’ head.”

Last week, the media collectively made any politician who used this kind of rhetoric pay a political price.

This week, the media have suspended this policy in order to protect Democrats and a President who have repeatedly called Republicans arsonists, anarchists, hostage-takers, house burners…

In his speech, Obama also said he will not negotiate, a position a new CBS poll confirms 76% of the American people disagree with.

The media are also refusing to report on that poll.

11:22 — Washington Post Issues SOS for Someone Who Signed Up for ObamaCare

Thursday, the Washington Post reported that they are unable to find a single person who signed up for ObamaCare:

The federal government has said that somewhere out in this vast country of 313 million people, where 48 million lack insurance coverage, someone has managed to sign up for health insurance on the federally-run marketplaces. As of yet, we haven’t tracked this person – or these people – down.

This is not for lack of effort. Reporters here at The Washington Post and at other publications have been on the hunt for this mythical creature.

Yesterday, the Washington Post ran this headline: “Rush of interest continues on insurance Web sites”

11:02 – CNN’s Wolf Blitzer  References Kids with Cancer Dems Won’t Fund

Though CNN is in no way using the children sick with cancer talking point like they did yesterday, today Wolf Blitzer did reference the children and their need for government funding and the Democrats’ refusal to join the GOP in agreeing to that funding.

10:56 – VIDEO: Hot Mic Catches Confident Paul and McConnell Talking About Obama Refusing to Negotiate


10:39 – Media Silent in Face of “anarchists, arsonists,” “terrorist,” “jihad,” “murderers…”

There was a time when the media made politicians and their Tea Party supporters pay a harsh price for divisive and eliminiationist rhetoric. In fact, merely describing Obama as a “socialist” or using the words “Food stamps” resulted in the media accusing people of outright racism.

There was a time when the use of such rhetoric meant the media would make the “rhetoric” the issue instead of the issue — the penalty for using such rhetoric was the media distracting from that issue.

But time was LAST WEEK. This week it is Democrats and the President hurling hate, but the media are silent.

10:26 – Why ObamaCare Is As Doomed as Prohibition: Premiums Rise 260% For Young People

The media — oops, I mean Obama — need young, healthy people to sign up for insurance they don’t need in order to fund ObamaCare. Here is why that isn’t likely to happen:

Health insurance premiums for young people will rise in all 50 states under Obamacare, with an average increase of 260 percent, according to a study released Thursday.

The young and healthy segment of the uninsured is considered crucial for the Affordable Care Act to succeed. Former President Bill Clinton suggested last week that Obamacare only works “if young people show up.”

However, an analysis of premiums both before and after the implementation of Obamacare shows that 18- to 35-year-olds are likely to opt out of high rates in the exchanges in favor of cheaper penalties for not having insurance.

Just like the government’s ill-fated attempt to stop Americans from imbibing during Prohibition, I suspect that the government is about to learn once again that you can only push the American people so far.

And attempting to force people to buy what they don not want or need is too far.

9:53 – BREAKING: Media Ignore Poll Showing 76% Disagree With Obama’s Refusal to Negotiate

The part of today’s CBS poll that the media, and not even CBS, are reporting is that a full 76% of Americans want President Obama to negotiate — which is something he refuses to do. That makes his position a growing liability and no better than that of Republicans. Seventy-eight percent of those polled want the GOP to compromise, but the GOP already have and are still willing to when it comes to funding the NIH, parks, and the DC government.

Obama has threatened to veto this funding. 

If you look at the headlines this CBS poll has generated throughout the media, they all focus on the fact that the GOP have a 9% blame disadvantage over Democrats and Obama. But that is much lower than in 1995, and with the president defying 76% of the American people with his refusal to negotiate, the GOP just need to hang on.

9:27 – BREAKING: NBC’s Chuck Todd Reverses Policy of Using Gaffes to Assault Politicians

In a remarkable change of policy, NBC’s Chuck Todd today reversed his long-held policy of using a politicians’ gaffes to beat them senseless with.

Last year, Todd was a Terminator against REPUBLICAN Todd Akin and REPUBLICAN Mitt Romney when it came to relentlessly, and for weeks, using every slip of their tongue to undermine their campaign and destroy their chances of victory.

Thursday, however, during his MSNBC show, Todd took the position that any use of DEMOCRAT Harry Reid’s gaffe, in which he dismissed children with cancer, was nothing more than a political stunt.

Oddly enough, Todd has taken this position even though Reid’s words do fit into his policy position of refusing to fund cancer treatments for children.

When Akin fumbled his abortion question, Todd insisted the REPUBLICAN’s gaffe was fair game because it fit neatly into his policy opposing abortion.

So because Todd is an objective, unbiased, not-at-all liberal journalist, we cannot accuse him of shamelessly carrying water for power.

No, instead, it is obvious that Todd has suddenly decided that gaffes should not be used by the media as partisan political weapons … at least for now. 

9:16 – Watch NBC’s John J. Harwood Play Obama’s Palace Stooge

In a widely circulated interview Wednesday, the real news wasn’t Obama repeating his week-old talking points, it was watching NBC’s John J. Harwood play Palace Stooge.

After calling Republicans extortionists and house burners, Obama told “real reporter” Harwood that he has “purposely kept my rhetoric down.”

Harwood never challenged that absurd falsehood. 

You can watch this “real reporter” in action here.

9:08 – Will the American People ‘Defund ObamaCare’?

While the media laughably spin massive computer failures as “glitches” and proof of ObamaCare’s success, numbers the media are not interested in reporting are the sign-up rates.

  • California’s program registered an estimated 0.58 per cent of website visitors in its first day
  • A Connecticut congressman boasted that his state took 167 applications for Obamacare services on day one, a rate of 0.59 per cent
  • Obama administration won’t say how many Americans signed up on the central website that covered insurance exchanges for 36 states
  • Kentucky’s 5.3 per cent application rate seems to be the nation’s highest
  • Other states wouldn’t provide statistics, or tracked only the creation of new online accounts, not numbers of completed applications
  • If the wonderfully unruly American people do not sign up for OCare, it will be defunded by default.

    If this keeps up, ObamaCare will be remembered like Prohibition; as a disastrous attempt by the government to control the public. 

    8:45 – New Shutdown Poll Not the Numbers Obama/Media Hoped For

    Bad news for everyone in a new CBS News shutdown poll is bad news for the media and Democrats.

    These are not the numbers Obama/Media hoped for. It is not 1995, folks:

    When the government shut down back in November 1995, 51 percent of Americans blamed the Republicans in Congress, while 28 blamed President Bill Clinton.

    And what are those numbers today? 44% blame GOP, 35% blame Obama, and 17% blame both.

    What we have today is a 9-point difference compared to a 23-point difference. And when you add up the 17%, both are over 50.

    8:30 — BREAKING : Media Stops Caring About Kids with Cancer

    In an extraordinary turnaround in just one day, the media seem to have stopped caring about kids with cancer. 

    Just yesterday, the story of children unable to get experimental cancer treatments from the National Institute of Health due to the shutdown was all over the media. Today, I have hardly heard a peep about these same  sick children.

    What happened between yesterday and today is that the GOP agreed to fund the NIH and give these kids the treatments they need. But Obama threatened a veto. So it is really Obama’s fault that these kids are not getting treatment today, not the GOP’s. And…

    …the media just aren’t going to continue a Narrative that will now hurt Obama. 

    Hopefully, the parents of these children understand that the media is no longer care about their children because to do so would now damage Obama. And to our media, advocating for sick children just isn’t worth hurting Obama.


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