NBC Pays Chelsea Clinton Big Bucks To Not Appear On-Air

NBC Pays Chelsea Clinton Big Bucks To Not Appear On-Air

As we learned last week, Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former-president Bill Clinton and potential presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, is earning $600,000 per year from NBC News. The AP reports that the former First Daughter has not been on the air for four months. At $600,000 per year, that adds up to $200,000 to not do her job as an on-air correspondent.

Apparently, the fact that NBC News has created and produced an entire cable news network (MSNBC) to protect Democrats and the Clintons, just isn’t enough. Another $50,000 a month to the Clinton’s only child sweetens the pot even more. 

NBC News defended its decision to pay the daughter of a presidential frontrunner $200,000 for not appearing on the air as a way to avoid the appearance of “a conflict of interest”:

NBC indicated, however, that Clinton has done two stories that are expected to air on “Nightly News” shortly and two others for which filming has been scheduled. Clinton is also busier with outside work, reportedly taking a more active role in her parents’ foundation, and NBC wanted to avoid the appearance of a conflict by having her on the air around the time Hillary Clinton was doing a round of media interviews about her new book.

NBC News says Chelsea Clinton is now on a month-to-month contract but has not denied the $600,000 per year report and claims she has been working these past four months to produce content for upcoming reports.


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