The Border States of America Shows Perils of Admin's Lawlessness, Amnesty

The Border States of America Shows Perils of Admin's Lawlessness, Amnesty

For the past six years, the Obama Administration has invited and encouraged the wretched humanitarian crisis we now find on the Republic’s southern border. The president declared – in brazen violation of statutory and Constitutional law – that the government would no longer deport unaccompanied minor illegal immigrants. He also made clear that following this year’s midterm elections, he would take executive action to grant amnesty to millions of illegals.

This is why Tea Party Patriots (TPP) produced The Border States of America. Hosted by Nick Searcy, star of FX’s hit show Justified, this one-hour documentary focuses attention on the border crisis in a way the mainstream media refuse to do. You won’t see a more important film this year, and like all of our great ideas, this one came from the grass roots.

Mark Hager, a college professor and North Carolina TPP State Coordinator, was all too aware of the border crisis before it briefly held the national media’s attention. Seeing an educational opportunity, Mark reached out to contacts he’d established in founding the American Security Coalition, a network of Southern border sheriffs and grassroots activists throughout the country, and urged TPP to make the documentary. With TPP support, The Border States of America was born.

We’re thrilled and honored to have a conservative celebrity of Nick Searcy’s stature hosting The Border States of America. Nick would be the first to tell you, though, that the stars of this film are the border sheriffs. “At the end of the day, we get the first phone call,” says Val Verde County, Texas Sheriff Joe Martinez. “They don’t call the FBI or the National Park Service. They call the sheriff’s office.”

Before Ebola and ISIS displaced the border crisis in the news cycle, there was talk of putting “troops on the border.” There are troops there already; they’re called border sheriffs, and they’re shamefully undermanned and unsupported. And if anything, the current threat of a pandemic and radical terrorism should refocus our attention on this glaring threat to our national security.

All along the border, deputy sheriffs and Border Patrol agents are responsible for hundreds of square miles per man. Theirs is a noble cause, and they serve with pride. “We’ve got limited resources and limited personnel, but we’re not gonna put up any excuses,” says Capt. Manion Long, of the Doña Ana County, N.M. Sheriff’s Office. “We’re gonna do what it is that we do.”

These first responders have too much honor and class to openly call out the federal government that has forsaken them. When you watch The Border States of America, though, you’ll want to do it for them.

As we host our premiere Thursday night at the Landmark Theatre in Los Angeles, thousands of patriots will gather at more than 1,300 house parties across the country to watch along with us. The Border States of America will stream live on Breitbart News, which will also carry our Q & A with Nick Searcy and other guests. And if you’re in the Los Angeles area Thursday, please join us, and make a reservation here.

As we premiere with fanfare, though, our focus is on the border crisis and the perils of lawlessness, open borders and amnesty. And let us be particularly mindful of the men who troop the line on the Southern border. It’s for them that we made this film, and for them, we hope you’ll watch.

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