Othering Campaign: Political Wire’s Goddard Mocks Walker’s Christian Faith


Bigotry is borne of ignorance and the nasty snark the Political Wire’s Taegan Goddard launched at Scott Walker’s Christian faith Tuesday is a perfect example of a secular leftist who finds everyday Christianity freakish. Sadly, it is also the result of a media environment where bigoted attacks on the faith against conservatives are becoming more and more acceptable.

Using the har-har-what-a-Christian-freak headline, “Walker Has Not Communicated with God,” Goddard writes:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) frequently says he’s waiting for “God’s calling” to run for president, so he was recently asked under public records laws to provide call “a copy/transcript of all communications with God, the Lord, Christ, Jesus or any other form of deity.”

Walker’s office responded that no such records exists.

Goddard then promoted his story in social media with this tweet:

As Sean Davis was quick to point out, both Martin Luther King Jr. and Barack Obama have publicly stated that they have sought guidance from God. Neither has ever been mocked by the media.

Judging by Goddard’s mealy-mouthed response to others on Twitter, it is hard to tell if he is truly as ignorant of the basics of Christianity as he claims, or just eager to join in the media mob’s campaign to  “other” Walker as an extremist.

Just five days ago, honestly and politely, Walker answered “I don’t know” to a question about Obama’s Christian faith. This immediately resulted in an apoplectic media mob eviscerating Walker as a racist, bigoted extremist.

Now that same media is openly mocking Scott Walker’s Christian faith.

Because he advertises as an unbiased journalist, via Twitter, I asked Goddard if he had ever mocked Democrats who have also claimed to seek God’s guidance. He has not yet responded.


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