Juan Williams: NRA Using Self-Defense Arguments to Get ‘Whites’ to Buy Guns

(Johnny Hanson / AP
Johnny Hanson / AP

During the April 22 airing of Fox News’ The Five, guest panelist Juan Williams said the NRA is using self-defense arguments to get “white America” to buy guns.

He cited results from PEW and Gallup showing that crime is falling but that an over-emphasis on gun crime has caused many Americans to believe crime is actually rising. Those who believe crime is rising subsequently support gun rights over gun control.

Williams said, “People say, ‘I want to be safe against crime.’ Crime is at a 20-year low. A majority of Americans, 60-plus percent in Gallup, think crime is on the rise.”

Although PEW suggests this focus on crime is due to media reporting, Williams suggests the NRA is focusing on crime to work whites into a “frenzy.” He said, “Here is what Pew says. It says it right here. Support for gun control has dropped among whites, who see crime on the rise, when, in fact, crime is falling.”

Williams believes that whites’ understanding of crime “is all fabricated. You talk about frenzy and hysteria; that is what is going on, led by the NRA, to get the gun ownership rights so you can take guns everywhere.”

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