‘Dangerous Token Negro’: DC Media’s Destruction of Carson Is Just Getting Started

Facebook / Dr. Ben Carson

Let me be very, very clear about one thing: The DC Media cannot allow Dr. Ben Carson to become President of the United States. And if the DC Media has to put on white robes, burn crosses, grab firehoses, and sic German Shepherds on Carson, they will. In fact, they already have. Not literally, but the tactics and the goals are exactly the same: By any means necessary, destroy the free-thinking black man who threatens our power.

It is just a historical fact, settled science if you will, that since the days of slavery, and straight through to Jim Crow and Segregation, that Democrats have sought to personally destroy any black person who dares threaten their power base. Dr. Carson is a huge threat to the Democrat Party, almost all of the DC Media is populated by leftwing Democrats, and therefore he must be destroyed — he must be Clarence Thomas’d.

For no sin other than daring to bolt from The Leftwing Thought Plantation, for no sin other than to express conservative political and social beliefs, already a major news network, no less than NBC News through its cable network MSNBC, has allowed one of its guests to publicly refer to Carson as a “safe negro.” And there have been no consequences or uproar, not even from NBC’s so-called competitors throughout the rest of the media.

Already, one of the top writers for The New Republic, Brian Beutler, has publicly referred to Carson using the racial slur “token.” And there have been no consequence, not even from The New Republic’s so-called competitors.

And that’s just the open racism we’re seeing from the DC Media.

On top of that, we have seen a relentless, coordinated, and sinister dogwhistling  campaign to “other” Carson.

For no sin other than holding conservative beliefs, Carson has already been “othered” by the DC Media as “strange,” and for a full week, the same week they rehabilitated Hillary Clinton, the DC Media coordinated to “other” Carson, to present him as a freak,  simply for suggesting people fight back in a mass-shooting situation and that Nazi-era Jews would have been better able to resist had the government not confiscated their guns in advance of the Holocaust.

Mainstream publications like Bloomberg, Forbes, The New Yorker, and the Huffington Post have openly called Carson “dangerous” — in other words, The Scary Black Man.

In a single headline, Salon smeared Carson a half-dozen times and called for someone to “shut Ben Carson up”: “Somebody shut Ben Carson up: Dangerous GOP gun-nut lunacy makes us all less safe“.

The Daily Beast has attacked Carson as “crazy,” Salon called him “plain nuts,” The Daily Show smeared this self-made, world renowned pediatric surgeon as “batshit crazy.”

If Democrats lose even a fraction of their black voting base, they are done as a national political party.

The self-made, soft-spoken, brilliant Ben Carson, who has, like no other national politician, lived what we commonly refer to as “the black experience in America,” is a clear and present danger to everything the DC Media holds dear.

Like Clarence Thomas, Carson must therefore be destroyed and disqualified as a black man.

Currently, Carson is shellacking Hillary Clinton in the national polls.

So trust me, “dangerous token negro” is only the beginning.


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