Wash Post Fact-Check: If Obama Says It, It’s True

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

If Republicans choose to not believe Liar-of the Year Barack Obama, the documented fact-checking frauds at the Washington Post will now award you the full-boat of four Pinocchios. Because at the Washington Post, what Obama says and promises is now the baseline for objective truth.

The snarky, anti-GOP/Obama water-carrying headline reads: “Repeat after me: Obama is not admitting 100,000, 200,000 or 250,000 Syrian refugees

Oh, okay. I guess that settles it, said six-million people who lost their health insurance.

This phony fact check goes on to openly ridicule Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Carly Fiorina for criticizing Obama’s decision to take in additional Syrian refugees. The candidates’ respective estimates of the number of Syrian refugees Obama will accept ranges from 100,000 to 250,000.

The rationale these proven liars at the Washington Post use to smear these Republican threats against Hillary Clinton’s ascendency to the presidency, is a cultish blind faith in Obama’s word:

As we have explained before, the only thing close to a 200,000 figure is an announcement in September by Secretary of State John Kerry that the United States was prepared to boost the number of total refugees accepted from around the world in fiscal 2016, from 70,000 to 85,000. Then, in 2017, Kerry said that 100,000 would be accepted.

That adds up to 185,000 over two years. But this would be the total number of refugees, not the number of refugees from Syria.

So these additional refugees COULD be Syrian refugees. But the fact-checker knows fer realsies that they won’t be because Obama is awesome and stuff.

And the fact that Kerry’s announcement of this increased number came during the early days of the Syrian migrant crisis in Europe, is just a big fat coincidence. Pay no attention to the liar behind the curtain.

Wait, it gets better:

By law, the president every fiscal year sets the maximum number of refugees the United States can accept in a year. (Note to Carson: This is not done by executive order; it is a legal requirement.)

So as Obama gets to set the limits and the Washington Post’s phony fact-checkers are so brazen in their Obama worship that they ridicule the idea that President Executive Order might use an Executive Order to flood America with additional immigrants — because he has never done that before.

As if the Washington Post fact checker has not already been  exposed as partisan frauds, we are now being told that the baseline for truth in this presidential campaign is — are you ready for this? — Obama’s promises.

Never forget that these are the same fact-check frauds who awarded Carly Fiorina three Pinocchios for telling the truth about her secretary-to-CEO biography.

These rabid partisans are not only an arm of the Democrat Party, they are willing to outright lie in order to serve that goal.

If you don’t believe your federal government, the Washington Post will brand you a liar and NBC News will accuse you of engaging in a “freak out.”

Pure propaganda.


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