Neither Fox News Nor Donald Trump Are Going To Come For You With An AK, Whereas…

Donald Trump
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All today and yesterday, the UK media and the Twittersphere have abounded with commenters – politicians, media pundits, even the Metropolitan police – saying how thoroughly they condemn Donald Trump’s proposed Muslim ban and his claim that parts of Britain’s Islamised inner cities have become places where the authorities fear to tread.

If I wanted to follow their example and ramp up the ludicrous rhetoric, I might almost go so far as to say that these people are more dangerous than Islamic State.

Obviously I don’t believe that. But I do believe that this is exactly the kind of useful idiocy which strengthens the Islamists’ hand, not weakens it.

I personally think that Trump’s proposed Muslim embargo is silly, counterproductive, unjust and unworkable. But I’m still glad he said it because – as I suspect was his real intention – it so perfectly illustrated the massive gulf between where most ordinary people are on the subject of immigration and the Islamist threat and where our increasingly remote and complacent political class are.

If Trump’s proposals are “extreme” then how exactly would you categorise the current do-nothing policies being championed by most of the Western world’s political leaders from Barack Obama to David Cameron and Angela Merkel?

I’d suggest that policies which involve imposing tens of thousands of displaced citizens from Islamist hellholes like Syria and Libya on the reluctant populaces and creaking welfare systems of Western liberal democracies are about as extreme as you can get. They are, in fact, a form of tyranny.

This is why every time Trump says such things his popularity ratings soar. Some applaud him because he’s saying exactly what they believe themselves. Others – of which I’m one – applaud him because though we may disagree with the details of his policy, we’re so grateful to come across a politician – much as Nigel Farage is in the UK – who doesn’t mince his words, doesn’t hold the electorate in contempt, and is actually prepared to speak truth to (impuissant) power.

We have been here before.

At the beginning of this year, you may remember, the UK media – not just the usual lefty suspects like the Guardian and HuffPo but also notionally right-leaning publications like the Telegraph – worked themselves into a frenzy of smug, self-righteous glee when a terrorism expert from Fox News described Britain’s second-largest city Birmingham as a “totally Muslim city” where “non-Muslims just don’t go.”

Like a laser, Britain’s entire political class and chattering class focused on the wrong point. “Oh no ho ho ho, Birmingham is so totally not Muslim city” they chortled in a succession of hilarious Tweets – see here – including one where someone had japishly mocked up Birmingham’s telecom tower so that it looked like a minaret, with the comical strapline #foxnewsfacts.

In basic factual terms, they were quite correct. Just 14 per cent of Greater Birmingham’s population is Muslim. But just because the Fox News commentator was guilty of exaggeration doesn’t entirely negate the truth of what he was trying, albeit clumsily, to say: parts of Birmingham – not all of it – but definitely parts have indeed become Muslim ghettos which, especially after dark, have become no-go areas for kuffar.

Here’s a 2012 report from the Birmingham Mail , titled The Area of Birmingham that are No-Go Areas for White People, hints at the problem.

The report quotes an anonymous male contributor, aged in his 40s, who notes that others from outside the area would consider his neighbourhood a no-go area for them, too.

The report states: “He talks of a few incidents that have occurred over previous years, including a road sign in an area with a high Asian population, on which was sprayed the phrase ‘No Whites after 8.30’.

Here’s an anonymous commenter on the British army’s unofficial chatroom Arsse.

I live in Brum, well near Brum having escaped to Sutton Coldfield, and there are definitely “no go” areas for whites; Alum Rock Road for a start. Some Asian friends I work with say that they wouldn’t go down there if they were white and even they feel uncomfortable with some of the shoite going on there. A mate of mine in WMP [West Midlands Police] tried to give aticket to a driver double parked and nearly blocking the road, and before he could finish getting the drivers details onto the form, a group of about 15 to 20 Asian blokes, both young and old, had gathered and were trying to intimidate him into letting it go. The driver was being arrsey as well with all his “bredren” around him and tried to not give his details so my mate nicked him (s.25 PACE). The brown and smelly hit the fan big style and he had to call for the OSU to back him up. Their car took a right beating.
Other parts like Sparkbrook, Small Heath, Bordesley Green, Aston, Nechells, Lozells are all as bad and sometimes it’s like driving through downtown Islamabad. They all seem to live in self imposed “ghetto’s” and then whinge like fuck about being excluded from the mainstream population without trying to integrate with the host community.

Why don’t we hear more about this problem? Because it’s something the political class and the media and all those nice virtue-signalling types on Twitter (comedians are the worst) find it simply too distasteful to discuss. After all, it might open them to the charge of Islamophobia.

What they all find much, much easier is to seize opportunities like the one presented at the beginning of the year by Fox News and at the end of the year by Donald Trump and point the finger of blame at dumb, stupid, right-wing Americans instead.

This ostentatious virtue-signalling – for that is all it is – serves two purposes.

Firstly, it makes them look like nicer people – not remotely right-wing or Islamophobic or any of the other horrid things nice people don’t want to be.

Secondly, it’s the perfect form of issue avoidance – enabling them to touch briefly on a matter of great public concern and then, almost simultaneously, to pretend that the problem doesn’t exist or that at least if it does exist, Fox News and Donald Trump are much, much worse.

I do wish all these deluded dhimmis – the politicians, the pundits, the comics, the Common-Purpose-trained policemen, the tweeters – would just for once be intellectually honest and ask themselves a very simple question:

Who is more likely to come gunning for you with an AK: a) Donald Trump or someone from Fox News b) someone from the Religion of Peace?

And if the answer isn’t a) then why in heaven’s name is it the one you always give?




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