Fox News Host Kat Timpf Attacked at Political Event in Brooklyn: ‘My Eyes Were Burning’

Kat Timpf

An unidentified man approached Fox News host Kat Timpf in New York City, allegedly doused her head with a bottle of water, and threw the rest of it in her face.

Timpf told the Hill that she was at a campaign event for her friend, Brooklyn borough president Ben Kissel, and was slated to give a speech about criminal justice reform.

“I was there to do something for my friend,” Timpf said. “And this guy just comes up, it was very clear that he was there because he knew I was there ahead of time. He was coming there to come after me, which is the most terrifying thing about all of it.”

“He came up from behind me, tapped me on the shoulder, dumped [water] on my head and whipped the rest of it directly into my face. My eyes were burning. It was right into my face,” she added.

Although the attack rattled Timpf, she does not plan on changing the way she lives because of the incident.

Kissel tweeted support for Timpf, saying that he was “disgusted” at what happened to her at his event:

Other news personalities and celebrities also tweeted in support of the Fox News host.

Left-wing author, actor, and comedian Michael Ian Black called the attack “shameful and disgusting” even though he does not politically see eye-to-eye with the libertarian commentator:

Fellow Fox News colleague Geraldo Rivera offered some choice words for Timpf’s attacker:

CNN host Jake Tapper also chimed in, calling Timpf’s attacker “a coward and a loser”:

Police told the New York Post that they have not yet found the man in question but do have surveillance footage of the incident. They also confirmed that Timpf filed a police report.

The suspect, who reportedly did not utter a single word during the attack, is described as a 6’2″ black male with dreadlocks who weighs approximately 170 pounds, police said.


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