Newspaper Apologizes for Trump Photo with Mustache Resembling Adolf Hitler

Paper apologizes for photo of Trump with mustache resembling Hitler's. (WKEF/WRGT)

A local Ohio newspaper is doing damage control after it published a photo of President Trump with a mustache resembling Adolf Hitler.

WRGT reports that the Wapakoneta Daily News of Wapakoneta, Ohio, published the image in Monday’s edition of the paper before realizing the unfortunate resemblance.

The newspaper’s publisher issued a statement apologizing for the incident on Facebook and the Wapakoneta Daily News website:

“While we edit photos on a daily basis, this particular photo was edited in a sloppy manner to make it appear the president had a mustache,” the statement read. “The Wapakoneta Daily News would never intentionally insult our president in any manner.”

The statement added that they are investigating the “unfortunate incident” and apologized to their readers.

Many readers, however, did not buy the newspaper’s apology.

“You mock the president for continuously going on about fake news and then this is what you do. Brilliant, really makes you credible,” one reader commented on the newspaper’s statement.

Others called for the paper to be more transparent in owning up to their errors.

“If what you say is correct, tell us in excruciating detail the processes involved in putting that particular picture on the page and exactly how that ‘error’ landed so precisely in the place it did,” another reader wrote.

Breitbart News has reached out to the publisher of the Wapakoneta Daily News for further comment on the issue.


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