Nolte: Media Close 2017 Proving Trump 100 Percent Correct About Fake News

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If the discredited American media have enjoyed even one good week this year, I cannot recall it. But what is not in doubt is that the establishment media have closed 2017 by proving President Trump 100 percent correct about their massive fake news problem.

This past week has been an unmitigated disaster for a corrupt and depraved institution that only gets more desperately corrupt and depraved with each passing day.

Here is the most comprehensive list of latest fake news I could come up with. Undoubtedly, in a firehose of lies, something will be overlooked.

  1. CNN Caught Lying About Donald Trump Jr.

The fake news factory that is CNN topped even itself with a catastrophic lie about catching Donald Trump Jr. colluding with WikiLeaks, and, therefore, Russia.

The lie was debunked almost immediately, but CNN still left it up for hours, screamed about it all day on the air, and again proved its breathtaking dishonesty by correcting rather than appropriately retracting its lie.

What is most revealing is news that CNN claims everything was done within its “editorial standards process.

Imagine just how rotted CNN is, now that we know that what ended up being the most devastating piece of fake news we have seen all year, falls within CNN’s “editorial standards process.

Brian Stelter has never tweeted anything so revealing, damning, or truthful.

  1. ABC News Spreads Lie About Mike Flynn Proving Trump Colluded with Russia

Brian Ross, a serial-lying marquee reporter at ABC News, told the world that President Trump’s former national security adviser would testify that candidate Trump instructed him to get in touch with the Russians.

This was a total fabrication, but ABC not only did not retract the lie, the left-wing network even refused to correct the lie. Instead, the lie was “clarified,” and Ross was given the holidays off as “punishment.”

  1. Reuters, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal Spread Lie About Trump Bank Subpoenas

We were told President Trump was in big trouble because his bank records had been subpoenaed by the special prosecutor.

Never happened.

  1. MSNBC’s Brzezinski Questions Accuser with Photograph of Franken Groping Her

Inexcusable slut-shaming aside, as if to again prove our elites are monsters, Morning Joe‘s Mika Brzezinski questioned the veracity of Leeann Tweeden’s claim that disgraced Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) groped her.

Tweeden has a photograph of the grope. A picture. Photographic proof that even Franken himself acknowledges is real.


  1. CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Says Anti-Trump Russian Dossier Is ‘Corroborated’

Camerota, who was a terrific morning anchor over at Fox News, continues to sell her soul just to hold on to a demeaning job on CNN’s last-place morning show.


  1. PolitiFact Spreads Lies About Breitbart, Roy Moore Accuser’s Forgery

Beverly Nelson, Roy Moore’s now-thoroughly discredited accuser, and her attorney, Gloria Allred, attributed something incriminating written by Nelson to Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore.

That is the textbook definition of forgery. There is no other credible way to describe it. But the left-wing PolitiFact did so anyway.

PolitiFact falsely claims that Nelson “added the time and location to the inscription.” No, that is not what she did. What Nelson is guilty of is altering a crucially important piece of evidence and attributing her alteration to Moore. That is forgery. To say it is anything else is anti-science and fake news.

Moreover, PolitiFact compounds this lie with the claim that Breitbart News “said she either tampered with Moore’s signature or forged the inscription.”

Our story was achingly clear about Nelson’s admitting to forgery, and our headline did not say she forged all of the yearbook. It said she admitting to forging the yearbook, which she did.

  1. Facebook Flags Breitbart’s 100 Percent Accurate Story, Does Not Flag CNN’s Fake News

Corporate fascism is alive and well.

  1. Washington Post Handwriting Expert Debunked by Moore Accuser

A few weeks ago, the left-wing Washington Post found a former FBI agent and document expert willing to say that the very part of the yearbook inscription Beverly Nelson admits she forged was “consistent with one writer.”

Even before Nelson confessed on Friday, everyone knew this was forged. But the Post is not interested in truth, only in defeating Republicans.

What a humiliation.

To his credit, this same expert is now calling on Allred to release the yearbook for a thorough, impartial examination – something she will never do.

  1. New York Times Falsely Claims Secretary of State Tillerson Will Be Forced to Resign


The media never make a mistake in favor of a Roy Moore or President Trump, which proves these are not mistakes.

Honest mistakes fall in the range of 50/50.

These mistakes all fall 0/100.

Which means they are deliberate lies.

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