Washington Post Rewrites SOTU Headline after #Resistance Rages on Twitter


In apparent effort to appease the left-wing Twitter mob, the far-left Washington Post quickly rewrote its front page State of the Union headline.

Not long after the conclusion of President Trump’s extremely well-received State of the Union speech, the Post advertised what it promised would be “the front page of tomorrow’s Washington Post.” Just above a photo of Trump giving his speech, the five-point headline read, “A call for bipartisanship”

The Twitter backlash from the anti-Trump resistance was bitter and immediate — some 3000 replies, almost all of them negative. Obviously, a headline that reported something accurate and positive about the president will always be unacceptable to those on the left. And so, within the hour, the Washington Post seemingly decided to soothe the mob with the news that the front page “was updated after the first edition. Here is the final front page.”

The final page’s headline is the much more anodyne “A ‘new American moment.'”

The Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald noted that he found this change “amazing.” On his verified Twitter account, Greenwald wrote, [I]t’s definitely amazing and new to watch a major newspaper in real time change its big, trumpeted headline in order to appease a Twitter backlash.”

Almost immediately, Post staffers attempted to explain away what happened, but also had to admit that they had no idea what had happened, or even if such a thing had ever happened before:

Most of those who responded to Greenwald’s tweet did not buy the Post’s incomplete and uninformed excuses:


Even before the escalating fake news crisis that hit this last year, among mainstream Americans, the national media has long been seen as a highly partisan,  provincial, hostile, and discredited institution. The only audience the media really has left is the far-left, which is why many believe outlets like the Post (CNN is another example) are willing to serially-humiliate themselves by catering to them in this way.


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