Nolte: Catastrophic Law Enforcement Failures Abound as MSM Target NRA for Parkland School Massacre

This video screen grab image shows shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz on February 15, 2018 at B

Anyone looking for proof that the disgraced American media could not care less about dead children need only take a few minutes to survey the various national news platforms. While the jaw-dropping list of local and federal law enforcement failures continues to mount, all of our corrupt media’s energy is focused on blaming the completely innocent NRA for Wednesday’s school-shooting massacre.

All the way back in September, the FBI was informed that a YouTube user named Nikolas Cruz was publicly bragging about wanting to become a “professional school shooter.” On Wednesday, a guy named Nikolas Cruz murdered 17 people in a Florida high school.

The FBI admits they received this tip but claims that even though they had the shooter’s real name they could not track him down. Google owns YouTube, and yet we are supposed to believe that the combined resources of Google and the FBI did not develop into a lead?

And here is where the FBI’s excuse becomes paper thin and the failure of local law enforcement even more indefensible…

Since 2010, on 39 occasions — 39! — Broward County Sheriff’s deputies were called to the home of Nikolas Cruz. This is extraordinary. I am 52 years old and have never once had a police officer knock on my door. We still do not know the nature of the police calls, but that a Nikolas Cruz lived in a troubled home is painfully obvious.

The 19-year-old Cruz also had an active online presence filled with all kinds of blood-red flags. According to a local news report, Cruz’s online “presence included a variety of gun and violence-related postings on social media sites.”

It gets worse. Cruz apparently used his real name when posting threats on YouTube and other sites: “I whana shoot people with my AR-15” and “I wanna die Fighting killing sh** ton of people.”

The biggest bombshell in all of this is that Cruz reportedly had an Instagram account in his own name, one where he posed in photographs with guns and knives, where he declared shooting “group therapy.”

How did these dots not get connected by law enforcement, most especially the FBI?

Think about this… The FBI knows that someone using the name Nikolas Cruz is bragging on YouTube about becoming a school shooter. How is it possible, then, for them not to use that tip (and a few minutes on Google) to find Nikolas Cruz’s shooting-obsessed Instagram account, which, in turn, would connect them to local law enforcement’s 39 visits, which, in turn, should have resulted in interviews with Cruz’s classmates and teachers – and it is here where they would have learned that Cruz had been expelled (a big trigger) and tagged by his fellow students as a potential threat.

But wait! In January, the FBI had the dots connected for them by a tipster who told them all about Cruz, his fascination with firearms, and his desire to kill people — and they did absolutely nothing.

This what you call a catastrophic failure of law enforcement. This is also a situation where everyday citizens did exactly what they were supposed to — they saw something and then they said something — but in an ocean of red flags, the government still failed at its primary function — to protect us.

Using the tragic facts above, our media could actually do some good. (Imagine that: the media doing good). Using actual journalism and their various platforms, these fatal mistakes could be properly investigated and exposed and focused on, accountability could be meted out, and this might result in stopping other school shootings.

Unfortunately, our media are incapable of anything approaching decency. Their unabiding love for government, especially the federal government, especially an FBI that worked so hard to frame President Trump for colluding with the Russians, will not allow them to do anything other than grudgingly and fleetingly report on these failures as though they are an inconvenient afterthought. After all, if there is still hope of removing Trump from office, the FBI’s reputation must be protected at all costs.

So instead of making these preventable failures the primary narrative of this tragic event, the media have instead manufactured a Potemkin Villain in the form of the NRA, a civil rights group that is in no way responsible for Wednesday’s massacre.

In fact, had we listened to the NRA after Sandy Hook five years ago, had we placed qualified armed guards in every one of our schools as the NRA suggested, had we protected our children with armed guards — you know, like we do elitist journalists and Hollywood celebrities — Parkland might never have happened. Talk about a deterrent.

Instead of protecting our children, though, instead of having a good guy with a gun on the scene, those kids were dropped like fish in a barrel that was proudly and stupidly advertised as a “gun-free zone.”


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