Nolte: Ratings Dud CNN Fails to Place in Top 20 Shows of Q1 2018

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images
SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

With the first quarter of 2018 behind us, the ratings show that CNN is already having a humiliating year. Not a single CNN program cracked the top 20 in cable news, and only two CNN programs managed to squeak out a million average total viewers.

For the first quarter of 2018, the highest rated show on the far-left cable channel is Anderson Cooper 360, which came in at a pretty sad #24 and averaged only 1.132 million total viewers.

After that, Erin Burnett rolls into #25 with just 1 million average viewers.

Anti-Trump activist Jake Tapper only managed to attract a sorry 945,000 average viewers while skidding into a humiliating 33rd place. Tapper was walloped by his timeslot competitors. At Fox News, Neil Cavuto came in at #18, with nearly 1.5 million viewers. MSNBC’s Deadline: White House came in at #23 with 1.3 million viewers.

Coming in at #42, the lowest rated show in all of cable news (that airs after 5 a.m.) is Chris Cuomo’s New Day, which has only managed to attract a paltry 609,000 viewers. Nevertheless, as if to prove CNN chief Jeff Zucker likes to double down on failure, Cuomo has just been promoted to a primetime slot.

Overall, Sean Hannity is the king of cable news, averaging more first quarter viewers (2.9 million) than all of the rest of the completion. Rachel Maddow is second with 2.7 million. Out of the top 20 shows, Fox News owns 14 slots, and MSNBC fills in the rest.

During this quarter, in both total day and primetime, Fox News was also the most watched network in all of cable (not just news), averaging 1.37 million total day and 2.21 primetime viewers. MSNBC came in second with 1 million average total day viewers and 1.73 million primetime viewers.

In all of cable during this last quarter, due to an embarrassing average viewership of just 690,000, CNN crash-landed into 7th place in total daytime viewers. Things were even worse for the anti-Trump channel in primetime, where it flopped into 11th place with just 900,000 average viewers.

CNN had fewer total day and primetime viewers than even Investigative Discovery, an offshoot of the Discovery Channel.

A look at the cable news ratings for the month of March shows that CNN appears to be in a downward spiral.

CNN’s month-long fascination with porn and a porn star, who claims to have had a one-night stand with President Trump a dozen years ago, backfired.

For the month of March, CNN lost -12 percent of its total primetime viewers, and -13 percent of its total day viewers when compared to March of last year. During its primetime hours, CNN stumbled into 11th place in all of cable with only 916,000 average primetime viewers — an unbelievably low number in the Trump era.

In total daytime viewership, the fake news factory could only scrape together an average of  669,000 viewers in March.

Compared to last year, Fox News lost a comparable percentage of viewers in March but still managed to nearly double CNN’s average total day viewership (1.249 million) and more than double CNN’s primetime number with 2.364 million viewers (compared to CNN’s 916,000).

In primetime, Fox News was March’s second-most popular network in all of cable (not just news), and MSNBC was third. In total daytime viewership, Fox News was number one, MSNBC number two.

MSNBC is an openly left-wing cable network, but it is taken more seriously than CNN. Additionally, MSNBC has not had the same fake news epidemic that has so plagued CNN, nor is it seen as far-left as CNN or as anti-Trump. CNN’s desire to destroy Trump is oftentimes seen as something of a personal vendetta driven by a blind and unreasonable hatred.

For this reason, under Jeff Zucker, even though Trump has been credited with ushering in a golden era of news consumption, CNN has only flailed and faltered. Due to its ridiculous pose as an objective news outlet and countless stories during the last five years that only proved to epitomize fake news, the far-left network has become a national laughingstock, a gaffe machine, that only earns national attention when it humiliates or disgraces itself — which happens almost daily.

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