Nolte: Six Reasons Establishment Media Fabricated a ‘Border Crisis’

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As you watch our fake news media desperately try to keep this hoax alive about a “crisis” on the border, never forget that this so-called crisis is fabricated. Never forget that this entire “crisis” was invented, created from whole cloth, ginned up, and is a naked act of fake news.

Oh, sure, the policy is real. Illegal alien children and adults were being separated into different detention centers. But this was not only being done for good and humane reasons; it has been government policy for two decades.

Barack Obama separated adults and children; Rachel Maddow never cried, Joe Scarborough never called him a Nazi, Jake Tapper never uttered a single word…

So why did this norm (if you’ll pardon the expression), why did this humane policy that immigration officials have been practicing for two decades suddenly become Auschwitz, the moral crisis of our time?

There are six reasons…

  1. Trump Had an Amazing Week

If you recall, the week prior to the media’s ginning up a “border crisis,” Trump was enjoying a perfect storm of good news. Record numbers were coming out of every sector of the economy, his summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un had been a success, and the inspector general’s report on the FBI’s corrupt mishandling of Hillary Clinton’s home-brewed email server was catastrophic not only for the FBI, but for the entire Russian collusion-hoax, which the media are heavily invested in.

Trump’s momentum, which was based on actual foreign and domestic accomplishments, had to be stopped.

Moreover, the media know they must smother the truth about the FBI if there is going to be any hope of keeping special counsel Robert Mueller’s witch hunt viable.

  1. Smother Congressional Hearings into FBI

The inspector general’s report resulted in congressional hearings this week that would have only boosted Trump further — you know, had they received the wall-to-wall coverage this legitimate news story deserved.

These hearings ended up being even more disastrous for disgraced former FBI Director James Comey (a media hero) and his appalling cabal of secret police, and the media are desperate to keep that truth hidden.


People do stupid things when they are frustrated and angry, like, say, this; and Trump’s roaring successes, along with his improving poll numbers, enraged the media. Once again, just as we saw on Election Night 2016, Trump’s effective handling of the economy and North Korea exposed the media as the provincial fools they really are — a media that time and again assured the American people Trump was an oaf, a loser, a mistake, a virus in a healthy system that had to be removed for the good of democracy.

Voters are now starting to see Trump as a “president,” as opposed to The Freak Who Must Never Be Normalized, which is how the media are desperate to keep him defined.

The media are losing badly in their war against Trump, so our livid media pulled out all the stops to manufacture this coordinated narrative, but…

If you look at Trump’s poll numbers, this assault was the media’s Battle of the Bulge. Trump is holding the line. Meanwhile, the bad guys are throwing everything they got, exhausting themselves, exposing themselves as liars and hoaxers, and getting nowhere.

Trump did retreat on the issue of separations, but as the media became even more unhinged, Trump’s retreat is looking strategic, while the media’s tiny victory is looking Pyrrhic.

  1. Midterm Elections


  1. Media Want Illegal Aliens Flooding into America

As we learned from the far-left Washington Post last week, the media’s existential goal when it comes to illegal immigration is to flood America with future Democrats. They want to disenfranchise law-abiding deplorables by canceling out our votes with the votes of illegal aliens.

The first phase of this plan, obviously, is to funnel millions of illegals into our country and then push for citizenship, which comes with the right to vote — which brings me to the most important point…

The ONLY way to keep illegal alien families together — and this is something the media dare not say out loud — is to release them into the American interior, which is what this sudden push against a decades-old separation policy is all about.

When you hear anyone talk about “keeping families together” that is coded language for “reward criminal behavior by releasing illegal aliens into the American interior.”

  1. Incentivize a Flood of Illegal Alien Families

The media do not care about The Children. If they did, they would not incentivize the abuse of children, and any adult (parent or not) who drags a minor child through miles and miles of dangerous desert, is engaging in abuse. (Legitimate asylum seekers fleeing violence are, of course, a different story.)

That little crying girl in the hoax photo on the cover of Time? Her mother dragged that poor kid through the desert hoping to get a job in America. She dragged a child along on a harrowing journey in the mercenary hope of exploiting her own child as a golden ticket into America. And if she were successful, a law-abiding American (or immigrant) would lose whatever job this woman took.

And that is the best case scenario when it comes to these poor kids.

Too many of these minor children are exploited in unspeakable ways by sex traffickers, drug traffickers, human traffickers, and gangs.

But the media do not care that they are incentivizing child abuse, child rape, and kidnapping. All they care about are their political goals, and if that means raped and abused children, so be it.

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