Nolte: Daily Mail’s David Martosko Demands White House ‘Discourage’ Free Speech

supporters of President Donald Trump jeered at CNN’s Jim Acosta during a Tuesday rally in Tampa, FL.
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The Daily Mail’s David Martosko is demanding the White House “discourage” the American people’s right to protest against the powerful.

Although CNN’s Jim Acosta regularly yells at and even heckles President Trump during White House events, this very same Jim Acosta freaked out Monday night when everyday Trump supporters turned the tables on him at the president’s rally in Tampa, FL.

Although there have been over 540 documented incidents of Trump supporters being beaten, shot at, bullied, menaced, harassed, and having their property vandalized, Acosta and his establishment media ilk are choosing to ignore and inflame that violence to instead have a meltdown over a “CNN sucks” chant and a few people throwing Acosta the middle finger.

What’s more, throughout our history, we have seen all kinds of Americans protest against the powerful in the exact same way Trump’s supporters protested against CNN Monday night. But all of a sudden chants, yelling, name-calling — the kind of rowdy behavior that has been directed at the powerful — is not okay, is “dangerous,” is an attack on free speech?

Are these people deranged?

What’s more, these protests against CNN and the media in general are no different from what we have seen from media darlings like Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, and the anti-Trump Resistance…

Well, there is one difference, there is no violence coming from Trump supporters — just everyday American citizens speaking truth to power; to the powerful media.

Ahh, but that is the difference, is it not?

Americans, most especially left-wing Americans, are allowed to energetically and loudly protest against whoever they like, and when they do we are told by the powerful media that this is America at its best — which is true, until…

You protest against the powerful media. That, my friends, is a big no no; that is America at its worst.

According to the media, you can protest against every big corporation in the world — unless, of course, that big corporation is a big media corporation. Then you are a monster.

Dagnabbit, why can’t we rubes grasp the simple concept that protesting against the powerful media is not speaking truth to power? Why can’t we grasp the simple fact that protesting against the powerful media is dangerous and must be stopped because the First Amendment demands no one criticize or protest the media — at least that is how the powerful media interprets First Amendment protests against the powerful media.

Martosko, however, is not content with merely smearing and complaining about those speaking truth to the powerful media.

Oh, no, Martosko is now openly shaming the government for not doing something to “discourage” free expression.

During Tuesday’s White House press briefing, Martosko called on the White House to condemn public protest; he actually called on the president of the United States to speak out against free speech and free expression:

[I]s the White House willing to say, right now, in view of what happened with one of our TV colleagues last night, that it is wrong for his most vocal supporters to be menacing toward journalists doing their jobs in a situation like that or in any situation?

They were trying to do standups at a public rally, and you had people trying to yell over them, preventing them from doing their jobs, and yelling that their network sucks on live TV. Does the White House support that, or not?

Later, in a tweet, Martosko lamented the fact that the most powerful man in the world, the American president, is not doing enough to “discourage” free speech and free expression:

So the takeaway is that the White House won’t discourage the president’s crowds from shouting down reporters and yelling that their networks suck during live broadcasts. Good to know. There’s a First Amendment tension between speech and press, and ultimately one side must lose.

Martosko’s closing thought in that tweet, about how one side “must lose” is pure anti-science rubbish, is a truly pathetic attempt to use emotional blackmail to kill free speech.

Free speech is free speech is free speech. You can only win or lose the debate, not your right to speak freely, and those calling for government intervention, those crybabying to the refs, are usually the ones losing.

I hate to break this to their precious egos, but CNN, Jim Acosta, and David Martosko have no more right to free speech than my fellow deplorables chanting “CNN sucks.”

And that “tension” Martosko laments is what mature adults call “debate.”

But back to my original point…

How far gone are the establishment media?

How far have they crawled up their own backsides?

How desperate are they to make themselves the story?

How elitist are they?

How thin-skinned are they that they now break down and cry when they are treated in the same way they treat the president?

Here is the answer…

The media are so far gone, so full of themselves, so sure they are more equal than the rest of us, that they are now standing up in the White House to openly call on the federal government and the president of the United States to “discourage” protest, to condemn free speech, to denounce free expression.

Because you think you are so special, you can run crying to the federal government for help all you want, but you provoked this fight — you started it by relentlessly smearing us as ignorant, toothless, Nazis and racists; you started it by inflaming, encouraging, and ignoring over 500 acts of violence against us.

We are not the ones causing or enabling violence … YOU ARE.

Sorry, you entitled babies, but this is still America, which means we have every right to verbally express ourselves in whatever way we choose.

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