Alex Jones: Tech Giants Running Circles Around ‘Incredibly Stupid’ Republican Lawmakers

Alex Jones, host of InfoWars.

Radio host Alex Jones blasted Republicans Monday for their handling of congressional hearings on Internet censorship after Silicon Valley corporations banned Infowars from their platforms in a coordinated burst.

Alex Jones began: “Well, Matt Drudge almost got it 100 percent right. If you go to, you see a big red apple that says Apple regulates hate. But Apple officially four months ago moved to China, gave them the code keys to the Internet and announced they would begin mass web censorship — not just in China, but worldwide — and they actually said that ‘well, it’s normal to be state-run when you are in China.’ Where they now pay zero percent taxes.

“Then last week, a top engineer, there’s only reportedly only 200 people that had access to it, reported on a secret called Operation Dragonfly, where they were constructing a total web censorship tool for China but also testing it out on conservatives, Christians, and nationalists here…

“America has been sold. Trump has desperately tried to get in there and change this and basically negotiate something where we’re not totally subservient and China, the EU, Davos have all said ‘no, we’re going to crush the American people.’ Jack Dorsey said we’re going to crush this nationalist, Trump, conservative movement. He said that six months ago — ‘We’re going to crush you.’”

The radio host continued, “I went over this yesterday on the last stream show we put on the Alex Jones Channel. Here’s the news, ten minutes before we went live, the Alex Jones Channel that had 2.5 billion views. They dialed it back to 1.6 billion views, 2.5 million subscribers, said it was terminated. That’s breaking here now. So, Facebook, Apple, Spotify all banned us some time last night and gave the fake folks at Piss-Feed, BuzzFeed, yellow journalism feed, the breaking news. Right before we went live, I said, ‘check the Alex Jones Channel.’

“See, I told the crew last week, they said, ‘Oh, they’re just playing games with you, they already shadowbanned you, they’re not going to have the nerve to outright ban us,’ and I said, ‘no, they are.’ Because this is the amount of propaganda you see before you invade a country. Well, they’re invading the First Amendment. They are setting the precedent to shut us down.

“They had congressional hearings about Internet censorship, and the Republicans were so incredibly stupid — the Republicans were so incredibly ignorant, and had circles being run around them, that they just green-lighted to go all the way.”


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