Nolte — Very Fake News: CNN Doesn’t Report Mollie Tibbets’ Accused Murderer Is Illegal Alien


Far-left CNN, in its lengthy story Wednesday about the case, did not report that Mollie Tibbetts’ accused murderer is an illegal alien.

The article, titled “Mollie Tibbetts case mystified police until a security camera offered a key clue” and written by Nicole Chavez, goes into great detail using over 800 words to explain how the police used home security video to nab 24-year-old Cristhian Bahena Rivera, who has been charged with first degree murder.

CNN also goes into great detail to inform its readers about the make and model of Rivera’s car, about all the cornfields found in the Iowa county where the 20-year-old Tibbetts was murdered, and about the five other CNN staffers —  Eric Levenson, Samira Said, Steve Almasy, Madison Park, and Darran Simon — who contributed to the article.

What the anti-Trump CNN does not want its readers to know, however, is that Rivera is an illegal alien who had no business being in the country.

That vital information, the information that the last place cable channel did not want its readers to know, is that Rivera has lived in this country illegally for four to seven years.

Unfortunately, during the Trump era, CNN’s reputation for this kind of journalistic dishonesty, lies of omission, conspiracy theories, and overall fake news is the norm, as opposed to the exception.

President Trump has made the tragic crime wave that comes with open borders and Democrat-run sanctuary cities a central part of his political identity. Democrats, however, see the flood of illegal aliens as a means to both wage a war of identity politics (those who want to enforce our immigration laws are smeared as racists) and to eventually register these illegals as Democrat voters if the brass ring of a mass amnesty is ever enacted.

CNN, which is now so firmly a part of the anti-Trump Resistance, the network has openly encouraged violence against Trump and his supporters, has been desperate since day one of Trump’s presidency to kill his agenda, even if it means misleading its own readers and viewers in this way.

Things are so bad with CNN, had Rivera’s illegal status been accurately reported in this article, it would have been a surprise.

Obviously, the news of Rivera’s illegal status is vitally important to report, as it is a total and complete failure of government to do its primary job — which is to protect its citizens. Tibbetts never should have died because Rivera never should have been allowed to live and work in this country for all those years.

But for purely partisan reasons, both the Democrat Party and its allies in the establishment media — especially the extreme-left CNN — are highly invested in protecting a status quo where future Democrat voters are allowed to swarm across our border and hide out in sanctuary cities — even if innocent 20-year-old women, actual citizens who follow the rules, are the ones who pay the ultimate price for this policy.

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