Nolte: CNN’s April Ryan Floats Ludicrous Excuse for Bodyguard Roughing up Reporter

April Ryan on CNN, 7/4/2019

Between Chris Cuomo threatening brutal violence against a man who called him a silly name, Brian Karem trying to start a fight in the White House, Don Lemon being credibly accused of sexual assault (there’s a witness!), and April Ryan’s bodyguard being credibly accused of a physical assault (there’s video!), the Thug Life is alive and well at far-left CNN.

And now disgraced CNN commentator Ryan is actually asking us to believe her bodyguard’s (alleged) assault on a journalist was based on her bodyguard’s — get this — “concern for my safety.”

No joke, Ryan actually said that, and naturally CNN’s Brian Stelter let her get away with it.

Watch these videos of Charlie Kratovil, founder and editor of New Brunswick Today, getting muscled out of Ryan’s speaking event as she stands there like a mob boss with a smug smile on her face…

And then, as soon as things start to get physical between her bodyguard and a member of the free press, again, like a mob boss, Ryan smugly explains that, “When I speak, I don’t have news covering my speeches.”

From there, she appears to march on with her prepared remarks as a member of the free press is physically manhandled and verbally harassed. It’s like a scene out of a fascist country:

Here’s where things gets physical:

And did I mention Kratovil has emails to prove he was given permission to be there, to cover the event?

Granted, we do not see the full altercation from a bird’s eye view, so maybe we missed the part where Kratovil brandished a machete or assault rifle.

But what I see makes a total liar of Ryan. There is nothing that in any way gives off a vibe of danger, unless of course you count as “danger” the idea of a public figure facing the transparency and accountability of press coverage, something Ryan obviously believes she’s above.

You see, Ryan, one of CNN’s many shrieking anti-Trump harpies, one of CNN’s many audacious hypocrites who run around screaming about freedom of the press and the safety of journalists, does not allow this very same press to safely cover … her.

And if a member of the free press does dare to try and cover her, she’s employed bodyguards to ensure journalists are not allowed to do so, not allowed to enjoy their First Amendment rights, not allowed to inform the public about the things she says.

And then, at least according to the video available, she lies about it — claims that her employee “was concerned for my safety” in the same breath where she reports Kratovil was “about 100 feet away from me.”

He was 100 feet away from me with a camera and permission to be there so my bodyguard assaulted him (allegedly) out of “concern for my safety”!

THIS, my friends, is CNN…


This Hate Network is a Thug Network, a fake news outlet that hires thugs to rough up journalists (allegedly), a basement-rated hate factory that calls for riots in predominantly black neighborhoods, that threatens to throw people down the stairs, that cheers on left-wing terrorists who assault Trump supporters, that turns a thug who tried to assault Trump into a folk hero, that starts physical fights in the White House, that blames Trump supporters for violence committed against Trump supporters, that puts Trump in literal crosshairs.

And now Jeff Zucker’s climate of violence has resulted in a journalist being assaulted (allegedly).

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