Nolte: That Time Team Obama Accused Romney of Killing a Woman

Former U.S. President Barack Obama speaks to guests at the Obama Foundation Summit on the
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In a 2012 campaign ad, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney was accused of killing a woman.

Remember that?

While the same media that falsely accused President Trump of stealing the 2020 election, of being a Russian spy, of coddling Nazis, and of being responsible for 100,000 coronavirus deaths, freak out because Trump is breaking MSNBC host Joe Scarborough’s balls over an intern who died in his congressional office — a woman Scarborough joked about having sex with and killing, by the way — this seems like a good time to remind people of that time Team Obama accused Romney of killing a woman.

The media didn’t care. Even though…

Romney had nothing to do with the death of this woman. The Priorities USA ad falsely claimed Romney’s company, Bain Capital, swooped in and took away this woman’s health insurance, which caused her to succumb to cancer. But even that isn’t true. The company was doomed by overseas competition, specifically China, so as absurd as the premise was to accuse Romney of such a thing, even the premise of the premise was a lie. Even so…

The media didn’t care.

Here’s how the far-left Politico covered it:

The Obama super PAC Priorities USA Action is unveiling perhaps the harshest, most personal ad of the 2012 presidential race, featuring a former worker at a Bain-owned company talking about the death of his wife after their family lost health insurance.

The commercial casts Mitt Romney’s business background in a severely negative light, but it’s not a typical slash-and-burn attack ad. Instead, it features former GST Steel employee Joe Soptic speaking to the camera about what happened when the plant where he worked shut down.

Can you sense the outrage?

The far-left Washington Post merely ran with the headline: “New ad ties Romney to cancer death.”

Guess how much outrage Joe Scarborough expressed over someone being falsely accused of killing a woman? He meekly asked if the ad “takes things too far.”

Ooh, Joe… slow down.

New York Magazine: “Mitt Romney Basically Killed a Woman.”

CNNLOL labeled the ad “inaccurate,” and then moved on. Oddly enough, I don’t remember endless days packed with screeching CNNLOL segments about how immoral and heinous the ad was. Just a shrug backed by a wink of approval.

And guess who was behind the ad? No less than Bill Burton, who had just left the White House as Obama’s deputy press secretary to form Priorities USA, a super PAC backed by such luminaries as CNNLOL’s very own Paul Begala, movie mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg, HBO’s Bill Maher, and Media Matters founder David Brock.

You want to know why I remember this so well…?

Because it was a major turning point in my professional life, the moment I stopped being one of those idiot Republicans who felt it was beneath us to fight back. Here was the sitting president of the United States and his filthy rich cronies — an offshoot of his campaign, falsely accusing the Republican nominee of murder, and the media let them all get away with it.

Obama paid no political price for this. The major networks ignored it.

And the ad played on…

But after all that, I’m supposed to be outraged because Trump is sticking it to a human piece of garbage like Joe Scarborough, a guy who publicly joked about having sex with and killing this woman, a guy who regularly smears Trump and his supporters as Nazis and mass murderers… I’m supposed to be morally outraged by that?

Fuck you.

What you are really asking is that I roll over and accept the media and the political establishment’s two sets of rules; that I roll over and accept my status as a second class citizen in my own country.

Fuck you again.

Only a mewling cuck would agree to such an outrage. 

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