Nolte: After Positive COVID Test, Jake Tapper Taped Show with CNN’s Blessing

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 08: Jake Tapper speaks onstage during Conan O'Brien In Conve
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Jake Tapper tested positive for the coronavirus and stuck around to tape his show with CNN’s blessing.

What a dick. You test positive for the China Flu.  You go home. You do not pass go. You do not collect $200. You get away from everyone and quarantine. Period. End of story.

Well, that’s what decent people do.

CNN’s Jake Tapper, as we all know, is not a decent person. Instead, he’s a penis-obsessed, left-wing extremist, liar, and conspiracy theorist so filled with self-regard he apparently thinks his COVID is your problem.

But the worst of it…

And I do mean the very worst of it…

Is that the sociopaths who run CNN were a-okay with the COVID-positive Tapper sticking around to tape his show.

Read on…

Per the far-left Daily Beast, on Monday, May 9, Tapper tested positive just before taping his basement-rated 4 p.m. show. And what did he do after discovering he had the same COVID that has killed a million Americans? He strutted into the studio and did his show.

I’m Jake Tapper. Wear a mask, bitch. I have an audience of dozens to not disappoint…

The CNN star tested positive for the virus while at the network’s D.C. bureau on Monday, May 9, just prior to taping his 4 p.m. ET show, but according to two people familiar with the situation, he did not go home immediately, incensing some colleagues.

By Tuesday, Tapper was replaced on-air with Dana Bash anchoring his show while he recovered at home. On Wednesday, however, he returned to the show from what appeared to be his home studio. “This happened in the same week that the country was mourning the millionth death due to COVID, which Jake covered on his show,” one pissed-off staffer told Confider.

CNN, of course, ran to the ramparts to ensure everyone knew their precious Tapper had indeed followed protocol. Which I find high-larious…

What’s so funny about that, you ask? Don’t you get it? CNN has just publicly admitted that if a test says you’re infected with a virus that has already killed a million Americans, CNN doesn’t immediately send you into quarantine.

Talk about rules for thee but not for me.

CNNLOL and Tapper imperiously ran around scolding, shaming, outing, insulting, and dehumanizing anyone who didn’t genuflect before Saint Fauci.

When we dared to gather, we were serial killers.

Ah, but when the terrorists in Black Lives Matter or Joe Biden supporters gathered, suddenly it wasn’t so bad.

Here’s the thing, though… The thing to keep in mind…

The “serial killers” who gathered at the Trump rallies — well, there are no reports I’m aware of where a single Trump supporter KNEW they were infected with the China Flu and showed up anyway.


Typhoid Jake KNEW he had tested positive and stuck around.

CNN also KNEW Tapper had tested positive and ALLOWED him to stick around.

Do you see the difference there?

When Trump supporters gathered who believed they were healthy, and did so OUTSIDE, CNN dehumanized them as serial killers.


When a test tells Jake Tapper he’s infected; when CNN has a test telling them Jake Tapper’s infected, it’s a-okay for him to stick around … INSIDE.

So which is it…?

Is it that CNN and Jake Tapper spent two years lying and shaming and scapegoating and fear-mongering to panic us about the China Flu when they believed it was nowhere near as deadly as they made it out to be?


Does CNN truly believe the China Flu is as deadly and as serious as claimed and just didn’t give a damn about the expendable and easily replaceable staffers who were forced to put on The Jake Tapper Show with a Jake Tapper holding a test that said he was infected with a virus that had already killed a million people?

It can only be one or the other.

Either way, what monsters.


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