Nolte: CNN Death Spiral — Ratings Drop to 396,000 Total Viewers

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CNN, a far-left propaganda outlet that spreads conspiracy theories and political violence, is in a glorious ratings death spiral, the likes of which we have never seen before.

Nothing can save CNNLOL — not even a tight presidential race, a presidential nominee convicted in a kangaroo court, an open border, an explosion in violent crime, or two major wars. Throughout the week of June 10, CNN was only able to attract an average of 396,000 viewers throughout the total day.

That is astonishing.

During its dreadful primetime hours, CNN dropped below 500,000 total viewers for the week to a pathetic average of just 477,000.

CNN is really collapsing in the most important arena, the 25-54 age demo that determines advertiser rates. CNN averaged only 80,000 demo viewers during primetime and 69,000 throughout the total day.

You might be thinking that cable news viewership is declining across the board.


Not at Fox News. Fox News is surging compared to 2023, while both MSNBC and CNN have lost about a third of primetime viewers and a quarter of total day viewers.

Here are the raw numbers from the week of June 10 with the percentage increase or decrease in viewers compared to 2023:

Total Primetime Viewers / Demo Viewers

  • FOX NEWS: 2.10 million (+34 percent) / 210K (+33 percent)
  • MSNBC: 962K (-33 percent) / 81K (-49 percent)
  • CNNLOL: 477K (-27 percent) / 80,000 (-39 percent)

Total Total Day Viewers / Demo Viewers

  • FOX NEWS: 1.30 million (+18 percent) / 148K (+14 percent)
  • MSNBC: 698K (-23 percent) / 68K (-37 percent)
  • CNNLOL: 396K (-22 percent) / 69K (-32 percent)

Yeah, MSNBC has some ratings problems, but nothing compared to CNN, which is sinking into oblivion.

Tee hee.

Maybe this surge for Fox and decline for left-wing propaganda means that even MSNBC and CNN viewers are finally tired of this…

It’s one thing to cast the truth aside and revel in your Orange Man Bad hatred when the economy is booming…It’s one thing to enjoy the MSNBC and CNN lies and hoaxes aimed at the MAGAtards when the world’s at peace, gas costs $2.35 a gallon, and eggs are 99 cents a dozen…All that CNN and MSNBC insanity and dishonesty is pure entertainment when illegals aren’t flooding your city and your mortgage hasn’t doubled…

All that fake news is not so cute now, is it?

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