Four Arrested After Brutal Oklahoma Assault Was Recorded, Uploaded to Facebook

Per a KFOR report, four people in Oklahoma have been arrested following a brutal assault that was filmed and then posted to Facebook on Sunday.

In the video, a group of people approach a woman pushing a baby in a stroller. The male filming warns the woman to get away from the stroller so they do not harm the baby.

“She about to hit it regardless.  I really just, I’m trying to look out for your baby for real.  Like move your baby because I don’t want your baby to get hurt,” he said.

The victim did not oblige, but the girls start attacked anyway, hitting, kicking, punching and pulling her hair. Shortly into the altercation, someone driving by honks the horn, gets out of her car and tries to stop the fight.

“Shut the f*** up before you get hit, too,” said one of the attackers.

The four people then start to assault the Good Samaritan. The names of the four attackers have not been released, as they are minors, but they are facing charges for assault with a deadly weapon. Neither the two women, nor the baby, sustained any serious injuries from the attack.

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