Times Newspaper Video Mocks UKIP Voters as KKK Members

A 'humorous' video posted to the Times Online website earlier today depicts a UKIP member with a white hood, the same type worn by the white supremacist group the Ku Klux Klan.

The video, by cartoonist Morten Moreland mocks numerous other political party voters, including the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, and UKIP three times – but none of the other parties get quite the offensive kicking as the depicted UKIP voter at the end.

The Conservative Party member is mocked for being a posh boy, the Liberal Democrats for incoherence, the Labour Party member for being silent (?) and the Green Party supporter for general apathy.

The Times has a long-standing grudge against UKIP, with their columnists as well as their journalists consistently attacking the party. 

Last year the paper splashed a picture of Nigel Farage on their front page, with a microphone carefully positioned to look like a Hitler moustache.

Last month UKIP and the Times entered a public slagging match when the paper repeatedly printed negative stories about the party. This was swiftly followed by UKIP publishing an article displaying a number of Times journalist's links to the Conservative Party and wider political establishment.

You can watch the Morten Moreland video, behind a paywall, here.


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