Kevin Scholla

Kevin Scholla

Kevin Scholla is the host and creator of The Palin Update on The show features top guests as well as the latest news on Governor Sarah Palin. Kevin is a professional news/sports anchor. He also announces for several pro and college teams. Kevin has served as a press secretary and committeeman. Follow Kevin on twitter @kevinscholla and @MamaGrizzRadio.

Latest News

Not Your Father's NFL: Blown Calls, Softer Mindset Ruining Game

Week 17 of the NFL summed up the league and this season in a microcosm. Commissioner Roger Goodell's baby is spoiled. The number one sport in the country just isn't what it was. Forget about the great run of the 80s and 90s that solidified football as America's favorite, it doesn't even measure up to the product we saw a mere five years ago. This past weekend was a nice sample of the downfall. Jan 1, 2014 7:47 PM PT

Sarah Palin: Wooden's 'Pyramid' Roadmap for Restoring American Exceptionalism

After a 2013 in which she took on a leadership role in everything from special elections to the culture war, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is starting 2014 with a bang. On New Year's Eve, Palin revealed a bold resolution using one of the greatest men sports has ever known as something of an inspiration. Jan 1, 2014 7:12 AM PT

Bears vs. Packers: A Case of Mind over Matter

The oldest and greatest rivalry in the NFL takes center stage once again Sunday afternoon as the Chicago Bears host the Green Bay Packers with a division title on the line. The math is simple. The winner captures the NFC North while the loser goes home. Do or die. For the Bears, however there's a mental component to this one that just might determine the outcome. Dec 28, 2013 7:29 PM PT

Palin's 'Good Tidings and Great Joy' a Playbook for Preserving Christmas

Palin mentions that the war on Christmas is the tip of the spear in a larger battle to fundamentally transform America. And just this month, Americans saw that battle in the world of sports. Palin has always said that she would fight like a Mama Grizzly for those who are voiceless, and that is exactly what she did when ESPN initially rejected a commercial from a St. Louis Catholic hospital because it mentioned "God" and "Jesus." Dec 24, 2013 11:30 AM PT

Breitbart Sports Interview: Former NFL Cheerleader Thrives on Small Screen, Helps Troops, Children

For four years Demski did her job rooting for the Cards. Along the way she also got to serve as inspiration for our true heroes. During Demski's several tours she made connections with our service members. "I would cry with soldiers at times hearing stories of being away from families, spouses, and young children, she said. "The stories behind our soldiers are amazing." Dec 22, 2013 10:51 PM PT

Down Syndrome Hoops Star Highlighted by Sarah Palin Back in Spotlight

My favorite three-point shooter is back in the spotlight. This weekend, Owen Groesser will be featured on ESPN in a brand new segment, highlighting his accomplishments and the impact he's had on others. Owen doesn't have as many three pointers as Ray Allen nor does he shoot as high of a percentage as Stephen Curry, but his threes meant more than anybody's to his family, friends, and a community. Dec 20, 2013 10:41 PM PT

Sarah Palin Highlights Fund to Help Injured Rodeo Athletes

They may not get as much press as football or hockey, but some of the toughest athletes in America today are rodeo professionals. After all, there is a giant bull to contend with each and every time out, so injuries occur often, and they're often quite serious. Unlike those in many of our big sports leagues today, rodeo athletes do not enjoy guaranteed salaries or injured reserve provisions. Those who find themselves on the shelf usually encounter financial hardship. Dec 13, 2013 10:27 AM PT

New Sarah Palin TV Show Match Made in Hunting Heaven

Sarah, get your gun! In a brilliant move, Sportsman Channel has teamed with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to host a new series beginning in the spring. Amazing America with Sarah Palin will air weekly and focus on the outdoors, including hunting, shooting, and fishing. Basically it will be a program matching Palin with guns. Not since peanut butter first met jelly has there been a more perfect union. Dec 10, 2013 7:00 AM PT

Interview: Albert Pujols on Helping Kids with Down Syndrome, 2014 MLB Season

Pujols is tireless when it comes to giving back. He works just as hard off the field as he does on it. The results have been incredible. Just last month in Missouri, adults with Down syndrome attended the 6th annual autumn prom, sponsored by the Pujols Family Foundation. Because of his popularity Pujols is able to make a difference in the St. Louis area, California, Tennessee, the Dominican Republic, and really, across the globe. He also has a day job, of course. After a disappointing third place finish last season, Pujols believes there's reason for optimism in Anaheim. "I think we have a really good team if we can all stay healthy," Pujols said. "I like our chances." Dec 6, 2013 2:45 PM PT

Opinion: While Inferior Quarterbacks Get Jobs, Tebow Waits Wearing His Armor

So why is Tebow not signed? Because he doesn't throw "right"? Do John Skelton, Rusty Smith, and Charlie Whitehurst throw "right," or do they just hold a clipboard with an elegance that Tebow could never pull off? Tebow's Christianity--or the buzz that surrounds it--may be be the major factor in the NFL shunning him. C is Tebow's scarlet letter. Dec 4, 2013 7:46 AM PT

Opinion: Don't Cry over Spilled Soda; Run Coaches over if They're on Field of Play

There's a fine line between gamesmanship and flat-out dirty play. Perhaps it depends on what lens you are looking through. Sometimes, trickery and chicanery pulled off in another era gets a free pass because today's players, fans, and writers weren't there to witness it. It becomes romanticized and humorous. When the incident occurs now, we often cry foul because the games these moves are impacting are right in front of us. We feel the matter personally. Whatever your barometer, some actions are clearly more egregious than others. Nov 29, 2013 8:16 AM PT

Opinion: Keeping Muschamp Would Be Huge Mistake for Gators

So Florida brass, get on the phone and call Charlie Strong now. Heck, call anybody. Otherwise you're in for another year of a record that's stuck in the swamp. With Florida State and Miami getting stronger you could set things back for a long time with local recruits. Muschamp simply bit off more than he can chomp and the sooner the coaching root canal is performed the better. Nov 24, 2013 7:18 PM PT

MSNBC Women Silent on Bashir, Called for NFL Player's Job After He Threatend to 'Sh*t' in Teammate's Mouth

After a voicemail that embattled Miami Dolphins lineman Richie Incognito left teammate Jonathan Martin surfaced in which Incognito used the "N-word" and threatened to defecate in Martin's mouth, female anchors on MSNBC--such as pseudo-Republican Abby Huntsman on The Cycle--were shocked, with Hunstman saying she hoped Incognito's career would be over because of his workplace harassment and bullying. When their co-worker Martin Bashir suggested last week that someone should defecate and urinate in former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's mouth, though, the women of MSNBC have been silent, even as many of them spent the 2012 election season helping Democrats gin up the "war on women" rhetoric against Republicans. Nov 21, 2013 2:00 PM PT


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