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Obama Administration Sued for Records about Bankrupt MF Global Holdings Ltd.

The American people deserve to know the truth about what FSOC officials knew about the epic failure of MF Global and when they knew it. But once again, the Obama administration refuses to provide basic information related to its supposed “oversight” of the private sector. I suspect it is because that this “oversight” is more about politics than about the public interest. Aug 13, 2012 10:14 AM PT

Court Rules DOJ Politicized Black Panther Case

Imagine if a conservative political appointee at DOJ had just been cited in a federal court decision as having apparently testified falsely under oath. Not only would it be a top headline at The New York Times and The Washington Post, but the IG and OPR would be rushing to investigate. All of which is a sad commentary on the liberal bias not just of the media, but of too many of the offices and officials within the Justice Department who are supposed to administer justice in an objective, non-political, and impartial manner. Aug 6, 2012 11:34 AM PT

ACORN Offshoot Sues Massachusetts for Failing to Register Welfare Recipients

Think ACORN is defunct and no longer able to exert its corrupt influence in the 2012 presidential election campaign? Think again. Splintered across the country into dozens of difficult-to-track state organizations, the ACORN network is now working hand-in-hand with the Holder Department of Justice (DOJ) to register voters to help Obama retain power in November. Jun 9, 2012 2:39 PM PT

Sunshine Week Spotlights Obama Secrecy

To be clear: The Obama administration is less transparent than the Bush administration. The Bush administration was tough and tricky. But the Obama administration is tougher and trickier. Mar 20, 2012 11:29 AM PT


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