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MSNBC Demotes Al Sharpton From Weeknights to Sunday Mornings

After four failed years, Al Sharpton’s “PoliticsNation,” a ratings  and civic disaster in every respect, has been canceled as a weeknight primetime MSNBC program. Sharpton’s final show will air September 4. A month later, October 4, the show will reemerge

Donald Trump

Study: Trump Commands 72% of GOP Media Coverage

A surging presidential frontrunner is news and right now Republican Donald Trump is a surging presidential candidate, not just within the primary process but also against Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton. It should come as no surprise, then, that when it


Jeb Beats Hillary In Michigan; Trump Down Only -2

The bad news for Hillary Clinton just keeps getting worse. In the last presidential election, Michigan was safely in Democrat hands — bluer than blue. A poll released Tuesday, however, shows a sea change. Jeb Bush currently leads Hillary by


Pro-Trump Focus Group Make Frank Luntz’s Legs Wobble

After overseeing a focus group of 29 fervent Donald Trump supporters, Republican pollster and consultant Frank Luntz told a group of reporters that, “My legs are shaking.” Although the Middle East is in chaos, our Southern border is in chaos,


Trump Calls Out Race-Baiting ABC News Reporter Tom Llamas

With his hysterical gotcha attacks over the use of the innocuous term “anchor baby,” ABC News reporter Tom Llamas has become the left-wing network’s race-baiter-in-chief this week. On top of being a race-baiting grandstander, Llamas has exposed himself as a propagandist. No one working for ABC News has heckled Hillary Clinton in this way.


UPDATE: BuzzFeed Takes Money From Donald Trump’s Competitors

Earlier this month Breitbart News reported that the left-wing website BuzzFeed (that identifies as objective) has a financial relationship with Marriot International, one of Donald Trump’s top rivals in the hotel business. Combined with the numerous pay-for-play allegations swarming around

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Trump Smash: Leads Jeb By +18 Points In Pennsylvania Primary

Just two months ago, in early June, a Quinnipiac poll showed Trump with only 4% support among Republican primary voters in Pennsylvania. The billionaire business was in tenth place. A new Quinnipiac poll released Thursday shows a startling reversal. Trump


Poll: Trump Beats Jeb, Rubio AND Hillary In Florida

A new Quinnipiac poll released Thursday shows that Republican frontrunner Donald Trump continues to shake up both the primary and general election race. In the crucial swing state of Florida, quite incredibly, Trump is beating Floridians Marco Rubio and Jeb

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