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Distraught Syrian Family Lie on Train Tracks

Dramatic scenes unfolded in the Hungarian town of Bicske on Thursday when a distraught Syrian refugee pushed his wife and their young child on the rail tracks in protest over Hungarian authorities. Hundreds of Syrian migrants were ordered off the


Denmark to Make It ‘Significantly Harder’ to Get Citizenship

Denmark is to make it significantly harder for migrants to obtain citizenship, the country’s government has announced. The Local reports that Inger Støjberg, the country’s Integration Minister, said that Danish language requirements would be stricter and that the government would


Greece Seizes ISIS-Linked Weapons Shipment

The Greek coastguard has seized a ship loaded with thousands of undeclared, carefully concealed weapons, and possibly explosives, en route from Turkey to Libya. Local media claims the ship is linked to Islamic State (IS) and to companies who have

minimum alcohol pricing

Scottish Minimum Alcohol Pricing May Breach EU Law

BRUSSELS, Sept 3 (Reuters) – Scotland’s plan to introduce a minimum price for alcohol risks breaching European Union law and it should explore other means to protect public health such as increasing tax, a senior adviser to the European Court

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Norwegian Bank Prints Anti-Semitic Credit Card

A Norwegian bank has issued a credit card featuring an anti-Semitic cartoon. The bank allows customers to design their own card and suggested that in this case their system failed to detect and reject the insulting image. But the customer

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Migrants Storm Budapest’s Main Station After Police Withdraw

BUDAPEST, Hungary (Reuters) –  Migrants stormed a train at Budapest’s main railway station on Thursday morning as Hungarian police withdrew from the gates after two days of blocking their entry. Many tried to push themselves and their children onto the

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