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First Look: Postal 2 Expansion Pack, Paradise Lost

Eleven years since the original decapitate-then-urinate-on-the-bad-guy-before-setting-him-on-fire gorefest Postal 2 was released comes Paradise Lost, a new expansion pack that effectively doubles the size of the original game, providing five whole new missions. Despite being more than a decade old, the Postal franchise continues

Time Is Running Out for the Tories

Monday brought Labour’s manifesto launch, which was policy-light and therefore tough for Ed Miliband’s opponents to unravel. You can’t really see the party making many gains from suddenly claiming to be the party of fiscal responsibility three weeks before the
Patrick Seeger / AFP

Hard-Pressed MEPs Decide To Give Themselves A Pay Rise

MEPs have graciously awarded themselves an extra €18,000 annually to spend on assistants, meaning the EU will spend €207 million (£149 million) a year on personal assistants by 2016. The seven per cent raise means each and every MEP will

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