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Day Of Losses Seen Ahead For Reopened Greek Stock Market

ATHENS, Aug 2 (Reuters) – Greek traders said on Sunday they expected a torrid day of losses when the Greek stock market in Athens opens after being shuttered for five weeks as part of attempts to stop Greece‘s financial collapse. A combination of


WATCH: Massive Syrian-Afghan Brawl In Refugee Camp

Eight people were injured yesterday and riot police intervened to quell the crowd after an argument between residents of a refugee camp in the eastern German city of Dresden threatened to become a full blown battle. EuropeOnline reports 14 police patrol cars

French riot police

French Riot Police Disperse Migrants At Channel Tunnel

COQUELLES, France (AP) — French riot police have sprayed migrants with a chemical irritant as they tried to storm the Channel Tunnel, and the British and French interior ministers said the nightly attempts to reach Britain are part of a

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Der Spiegel: Plans For Euro-Zone Tax Take Shape

From Der Spiegel: After the Greek bailout disaster, Paris, Berlin and Brussels want to reform the euro zone by creating an economic government and a special tax for the currency area. German Finance Minister Schäuble is in favor, but Chancellor

private jet crash in hampshire, england

WATCH: Bin Laden Family Among Plane Dead

The Saudi Ambassador to Britain has expressed his condolences to the Bin Laden family, after it emerged three family members were killed in a plane crash in Hampshire yesterday. Media reports in the family’s native Saudi Arabia suggest the victims

Seagull Attacks Being Reported From Coastal Towns This Summer

Britain Under Attack from ‘Killer Seagulls’

Britain is under attack from seagulls so vicious they are killing pets, attacking pensioners and drowning pigeons in London. The birds, which traditionally live along the coast, are moving inland as their diet changes from fish to human food and

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