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Dublin Castle

Gay Marriage Supporters Jeer Opponents At Dublin Castle

DUBLIN, Republic Of Ireland – For a thousand years Dublin Castle has stood as a testament to the Irish people’s Catholicism and later the (often thwarted) desire to oppose secularism or domination from English Protestantism. What better place then to

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Ireland’s Road to Serfdom

Two supposedly landmark political events have occurred on the island of Ireland this week. Both were greeted with an element of surprise and excitement and were hailed as great victories for the “progressive movement”, both were inevitable. The referendum in

Geoff Hyde

Hunting Ban Plan Could Begin Within A Month

The process of repealing the 2004 Hunting Act is set to begin within a month, reports The Telegraph, following meetings between David Cameron and senior colleagues to discuss how to organise a free vote. However, pro-hunting campaigners fear that the

Yes supporters Dublin Castle

Landslide Win for Same-Sex Marriage in Ireland

To the very end, opponents of same-sex marriage in Ireland held out hope. Yesterday they were reporting high numbers of immigrant Africans and Muslims standing in line at polling stations and hoped they would balance out the hordes of young people who were expected to make Ireland the first country in the world to vote for same-sex marriage.

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