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Syriza’s Spanish Allies Hold Rally Against Anti-Austerity

Greece’s new anti-austerity Prime Minister Alexis Tsipris has a strengthening ally in Spain as divisions firmly appear amongst eurozone members. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has ruled out cancelling any of Greece’s debt, saying banks and creditors have already made substantial cuts
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British Army Announce New ‘Twitter Troops’ Brigade

The British Army have responded to the changing face of modern warfare by increasing the role of soldiers trained in psychological warfare operations (PSYOPS). A specialist unit of “creative” soldiers will be tasked with fighting wars using unconventional methods, including
Nigel Farage UKIP leader walkabout in Knutsford, Britain - 24 Apr 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Former MEP Says UKIP Chairman Knew About Bashir

Breitbart London can exclusively reveal that former UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom has said that the party’s chairman Steve Crowther knew about Amjad Bashir’s murky past. UKIP suspended the MEP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire shortly before the Muslim businessman announced

Graham Linehan, Saviour of Women

Graham Linehan likes women. He really likes women. So much so, that he thinks we need rescuing. From ourselves. The comedy writer has become embroiled in GamerGate recently, with his tweets turning increasingly hysterical in recent days. His descent into

5 given preliminary charges over jihadi network in France

PARIS (AP) — French authorities have laid preliminary charges against five men suspected of involvement in a jihadi recruiting network in a small southern town from where several youths went to fight in Syria and Iraq. Spokeswoman Agnes Thibault-Lecuivre of

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