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Ski slopes in the Alps. AP Photo/Patrick Gardin

Tourism suffers in winter of EU-Russia discontent

PARIS (AP) — Russia’s tensions with the West over Ukraine and the slump for the ruble are echoing through the French Alps — and unfortunately for some businesses, just in time for ski season. Hoteliers, taxi drivers and ski stations
London Taxis

Coalition Spent £50m On First Class Travel

The coalition has spent £50m on First Class travel and taxis since it came into office in 2010. This is despite pledging to put an end to luxury travel. The figures were released after a parliamentary question from a Labour MP,
Israeli police have arrested 10 members of a Jewish extremist group (Reuters)

Israel arrests more from Jewish group

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli police have arrested four Jewish activists from the Lehava group opposed to Arab-Jewish coexistence. The arrests are part of a clampdown on the fringe organization, which has become a symbol of rising anti-Arab sentiment. Police spokeswoman
Kurdish fighters celebrate advancing on the Islamic State. AP Photo/Zana Ahmed

Kurds advance against IS group in Syria, Iraq

BEIRUT (AP) — Kurdish fighters advanced on the Islamic State extremist group in Iraq and Syria on Saturday, pushing into the contested, refugee-packed Sinjar mountains and gaining ground in the embattled Syrian border town of Kobani after heavy clashes, Kurdish

Anti-Islamification Geert Wilders to Face Prosecution

Months after a fiery victory speech, Dutch police have announced they will be prosecuting democratically-elected house of representatives member Geert Wilders for asking his voters whether they wanted to see fewer Moroccans or not in the Northern European country. This

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