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EU says Turkey Must Keep Border Open to Syrian Migrants

Top EU officials on Saturday reminded Turkey of its international obligations to keep its frontiers open to refugees as thousands fleeing a new government offensive in Syria remained camped out along its southern border. Up to 20,000 Syrians may be


UK Cannot Have ‘Europe a la carte’: EU Parliament Leader

Britain faces opposition from European partners over plans to reform the EU ahead of an in/out referendum on membership, and should not expect “Europe a la carte,” the European Parliament president warned Friday. Martin Schulz welcomed Britain’s push to make

migrant tide

France, Germany Pile Pressure on Turkey To Stem Migrant Tide

The massive flow of migrants into Europe must be slowed with the help of Turkey and better screening of asylum applicants on arrival on the continent, the interior ministers of France and Germany said Friday. Speaking in Athens the ministers

Paris Attacks Restaurant

Owner Of Paris Attacks Restaurant Says Video Row Has Ruined Trade

(AFP) – A Paris restaurant hit in last November’s terror attacks officially reopened Friday — with the owner complaining business had been ruined by claims he sold footage of the onslaught to a British newspaper. The Islamic State jihadists who


Thousands More Syrians Rush toward Turkey to Flee Fighting

BEIRUT (AP) — Thousands of Syrians rushed toward the Turkish border Friday, fleeing a fierce government offensive and intense Russian airstrikes near Syria’s largest city of Aleppo. Turkey, an ally of the Syrian opposition, promised humanitarian help for the displaced

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DOUGLAS MURRAY: Facebook’s War on Freedom of Speech

From the Gatestone Institute: It was only a few weeks ago that Facebook was forced to back down when caught permitting anti-Israel postings, but censoring equivalent anti-Palestinian postings. Now one of the most sinister stories of the past year was

PEGIDA Birmingham

UK Cops Threaten PEGIDA Marchers

Police have warned they will “come down hard” on any troublemakers at the PEGIDA UK walk in Birmingham this weekend, where there will be a “highly visible police presence”. The police threat comes the day after local Member of Parliament Liam

children's carnival

German Town Cancels Children’s Carnival after Terror Threat

A German town cancelled its children’s carnival today after authorities received an anonymous letter written in German and Arabic threatening “infidels”. The letter, which was written in a style described as “disjointed”, contained a series of phrases in both languages,


Best Bet for Boris is Brexit

Monday was confirmation for anyone who might have deluded themselves otherwise – David Cameron and the Conservative leadership are intent on remaining inside the European Union (EU) no matter what. The Prime Minister has raised his standard as the leader of