Chinese Lawyers Sue America on Conspiracy Theory Virus Came from U.S.

Lawyers working for the Chinese government filed lawsuits in Chinese courts this week charging the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Defense Department, and White House for allegedly “covering up” the true origins of the Wuhan coronavirus. The suits are part of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) outrageous propaganda campaign to obscure its own responsibility for the pandemic by pretending it might have secretly originated on U.S. soil, possibly as an American-made bio-weapon.

People wear masks on a street in Hong Kong, Friday, Jan. 24, 2020 to celebrate the Lunar New Year which marks the Year of the Rat in the Chinese zodiac. Cutting off access to entire cities with millions of residents to stop a new virus outbreak is a step few …

Texas Electrical Grid Adapting to Coronavirus Challenge, Says State Senate Chairman

Officials responsible for ensuring the reliable supply of electricity to Texans have successfully adapted to the challenges caused by the COVID-19 health crisis, says the Texas Senate committee chairman responsible for oversight of the agency. The Electricity Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) is currently operating under a COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness Plan to ensure delivery during the crisis.

ERCOT Operations Center

China Pushes ‘Health Silk Road’ to Take over Global Health Care

Chinese state media on Wednesday pushed the notion of a “Health Silk Road,” modeled after the New Silk Road infrastructure program, which later came to be known as the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). In other words, having infected the entire planet with the Wuhan coronavirus, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) wants to use the ensuing global health crisis as an opportunity to take over the health care systems of other nations, beginning with hard-hit Italy.

A man wearing a face mask as a preventive mesure against the COVID-19 coronavirus walks outside of a shopping mall in Beijing on March 11, 2020. - China reported an increase in imported coronavirus cases on March 11, fuelling concerns that infections from overseas could undermine progress in halting the …