Greenpeace Releasing Secret Documents On Contested EU-US TTIP Deal

Greenpeace on Sunday said it was in possession of leaked documents showing that a planned huge free trade deal between the United States and the European Union poses “major risks for climate, environment and consumer safety”. The campaign group said


Brexit Emerges As Threat To TTIP Deal

It’s hard enough for the leaders of the United States and the European Union to muster public support for the ambitious TTIP transatlantic trade talks. Now they have the threat of Brexit. The British will vote in a referendum on


FT: The Revenge Of Globalisation’s Losers

From the Financial Times: Globalisation is failing in advanced western countries, where a process once hailed for delivering universal benefit now faces a political backlash. Why? The establishment view, in Europe at least, is that states have neglected to forge


Thousands Protest Trade Deal In Germany Before Obama Visit

HANNOVER, Germany (AP) — Thousands of demonstrators have turned out in the German city of Hannover to protest a planned U.S.-Europe free trade agreement, a day before President Barack Obama arrives. Police said Saturday that more than 20,000 people gathered

Trade Deal Foes Plan Major German Rally On Eve Of Obama Visit

Opponents of a proposed transatlantic trade deal hope to draw tens of thousands onto German streets Saturday, on the eve of a visit by US President Barack Obama. Obama’s trip — to open an industrial technology fair in the northern

France Threatens To Halt TTIP Talks, Blocking Progress

(Reuters) – France has threatened to stall further negotiations on a new EU-U.S. free trade deal barring significant progress in coming months, Trade Minister Matthias Fekl said on Tuesday. “I indicated in September that if there was no progress, we


Slick Willie’s Brexit Advice: Don’t Pull Out

Bill Clinton has advised British voters to reject Brexit in June’s European Union (EU) referendum, warning that Northern Ireland stands to get “whacked” in the event of withdrawal. The former President of the United States, now a full time campaigner for


Despite Opposition, EU And US Push For Conclusion Of TTIP Deal

Confirming recent comments from Brussels sources, the European Commissioner in charge of the secretive Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) deal has said the U.S. and European Union (EU) still aim to conclude the agreement this year. Although a White House spokesman recently suggested TTIP negotiations


EU To Rush TTIP Deal Before Obama Presidency Ends

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – The European Union aims to bring free trade negotiations with the United States towards a close by the summer, a necessary step if a deal is to be clinched before a change of president in the United


FARAGE TO CORBYN: Debate Me On Britain’s EU Membership

Just hours after Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn issued a challenge to Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron to take him on annually in a “State of The Nation” debate, the UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader has issued his own challenge back

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The European Commission And ‘Big Tobacco’ Accused Of TTIP Cover-Up

The European Commission has become embroiled in an argument over a potential cover-up of engagement between its officials and the tobacco industry during negotiations over the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) treaty. Campaigners from Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) published documents revealed under


TTIP Threatens Sovereignty of EU Member States Warns Le Pen Ally

Cloaked in secrecy and controversy, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is facing further scrutiny from French Member of European Parliament Jean-Luc Shaffhauser, who claims the deal “is made to diminish the influence of the European Countries”.  The massive.

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Donald Trump Distinguishes Himself from GOP Field on Trade

As Donald Trump continues to surge in the polls, a staple of Trump’s campaign rhetoric remains his emphasis on bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States and confronting foreign competitors like China and Mexico over their unfair trading practices.