Report: Biden Summons Donors to Meet at White House with ‘Last-Minute Invitation’

Former Vice President Joe Biden, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, greets attendees
Kate Flock/Bloomberg via Getty Images

President Joe Biden’s top donors were summoned to the White House for the end of next week with a “last-minute invitation” as he prepares a 2024 campaign announcement, according to the New York Times.

As Biden has been secretly getting everything in place for another announcement, some of Biden’s top donors “received a last-minute invitation to travel to Washington at the end of next week to see Mr. Biden as he gears up for a 2024 campaign,” the Times reported.

However, it has been unclear when he will make an official announcement. Advisers initially claimed  the president would make his announcement around February’s State of the Union, but since then, reports have indicated that he could wait until the fall.

Since campaigns must report fundraising numbers every quarter, they can have a fundraising advantage if they announce it at the beginning of the quarter. This way, a candidate has three months to show their fundraising strength. But, by waiting, Biden is leaving potential staffers up in the air, who need to make plans on their own.

In fact, the Times explained that the invitations – extended to people by phone, not email – went out to Biden’s “biggest donors and bundlers,” who raised over a million dollars for him last cycle. However, the event, according to over a half-dozen people, is being seen as a way to rally donors rather than a fundraiser.

Notably, the Times acknowledged that details of the event are still being hammered out but would more than likely include a meeting with Biden outside of the White House on Friday evening and may include a briefing from his strategists on Saturday.

While Biden has yet to announce he is running for reelection, others have not waited.

So far, Marianne Williamson, an author and “spiritual thought leader” who ran for president as a Democrat in 2020, has declared she would run for the Democrat nomination once again, in addition to Robert F. Kennedy Jr launching a campaign to challenge Biden. 

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