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PAUL NUTTALL: The Labour Fish Is Rotting From The Head Down

I am not shocked in the slightest that the Labour Party is now embroiled in an anti-Semitism scandal. The only thing which has surprised me is that it hadn’t happened sooner. After all, the Labour Party has been captured by


The Devastating Silence From Labour ‘Feminists’ On Cologne

On the night of the Oldham West and Royton by-election result I accused the Labour Party of engaging in “dangerous identity politics.” The result of me uttering this sentence on TV was that the political journalists both local and national


Postal Voting On Demand Has Given Us ‘Rotten Wards’

Politics can be a rough old game. The highs are high and the low can be very low. We’ve had some fantastic highs in UKIP over the past three years, such as the local elections in 2013, winning the European

postal voting

The Inconvenient Truths Of The ‘Refugee’ Crisis

This week I stood up in the European Parliament in Strasbourg and spoke about an ‘inconvenient truth’. It was a speech that most in the chamber simply did not want to hear. To howls of derision, I told the European

refugee crisis asylum seekers

Paul Nuttall: The Anti-Democratic EU Wants to Stifle Greece

This week, the Chairman of the Eurogroup, Jeroen Dijsselbloem arrogantly stated: “You are mistaken if you think that democracy is where one election result can change the way we work in the Eurozone”. The President of the EU Commission, Jean-Claude

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The King is Dead? Long Live the King!

Of Course the King who passed away last week was none other than King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia who has now been succeeded by his half brother and 79 year old fountain of youth Salman. As you may know, Saudi


UKIP Must Remain the Anti-Establishment Party

Be in no doubt that 2014 was the year UKIP came of age. It was the year the party has been working towards for a long time. The year when we became the first political party since 1910 to win


Cameron's Pledge on Turkey Joining the EU Needs A Good Stuffing

This week, Prime Minister David Cameron reiterated his pledge to support the accession of Turkey, a comparatively poor country of over 80 million people, into the European Union. This is despite the fact that many in the UK, as well

Cameron's Pledge on Turkey Joining the EU Needs A Good Stuffing

Save The Great British Pub: Slash Beer Tax

This week in Westminster, MPs voted in favour of an amendment that could see the end of the controversial, centuries old pub-tie that forces landlords into only buying beer at above the market rate from the parent brewery. As a

Save The Great British Pub: Slash Beer Tax

Britain's Pubs are Dying, Only Radical Measures Can Save Them

I have been banging the drum for a long time now about how successive governments have let down the leisure and hospitality industry by refusing to ‘think outside the box.’ By ‘thinking outside the box’, I am referring primarily to

Britain's Pubs are Dying, Only Radical Measures Can Save Them