Release UK Migrant Settlement Details NOW In Case Of A British Cologne


No one could fail to be both appalled and astonished by the events in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

Around one thousand male migrants – invited into Germany by deluded Chancellor Angela Merkel trying to play St Peter – set themselves upon women like a pack of rabid dogs.

They groped them. Tore at them. Terrified the lives out of them. Yanked their underwear from their bodies and in some cases, it is alleged, even raped them.

All of this in a public square outside the city’s main railway station, committed by people clearly unafraid of any prevention; bringing their own revolting, misogynistic way of life to the streets of mainland Europe.

It was foul. It was feral. And it spoke volumes about the attitudes some of these “refugees” from – “other cultures” – have towards women.

What an absolute, curdling, rotten, and dangerous mess.

There is huge disquiet among ordinary Germans about the influx of over a million migrants who have flooded into the country this year alone.

Not that their government is listening, of course.

But as much as my heart reaches out to those women brutally sexually assaulted while merely trying to enjoy their New Year’s Eve celebrations, I also have an extra concern: That it could happen here in the UK, too.

Because while those vile attacks in Cologne eventually made the headlines – albeit only after a misguided media and German government cover-up, in a cack-handed attempt to stymie what should be perfectly acceptable social unease over the behaviour of “visitors” – they happened elsewhere, too.

Similarly medieval behaviour was also witnessed over New Year on the streets of Zurich in Switzerland, in Sweden, and in Finland – all countries who agreed, or were told by the European Union to accept “asylum seekers” from the Middle East and Africa.

These will sound like sharp words. But anyone reading the harrowing accounts of women viciously and sexually assaulted in Cologne will surely agree: we have to get a grip over this migrant insurgence.

For instance: have the Syrian migrants in communities up and down the country (apart from Witney, David Cameron’s constituency, or anywhere in London’s leafy Hampstead Heath) been properly checked out?

And where are they being housed? Have you been told? Or should towns in Britain have to witness something like the Cologne attacks before they discover the threat that lives within their midst?

It took newspapers in Germany to reveal, from a leaked police report, that the New Year’s Eve attackers included migrants from Syria, Algeria, Afghanistan, Morocco, and Iran.

Could that happen here, too – if we don’t know who is being moved into our communities?

And will the police, under political pressure, retain certain salient facts about alleged criminals so as not to upset a certain section of our society, as happened in Germany?

David Cameron and his government should immediately release the details, in a centralised fashion, as to whereabouts these new influxes of people are being settled. Police forces across the country should be compelled to report crimes and the exact background of any suspects as a matter of total transparency.

If the UK has given sanctuary to a single man who would consider going on a dog-like rampage like those migrants in Cologne, then it proves only further how useless we are at protecting our borders.

Paul Nuttall is a UKIP Member of the European Parliament for the North West of England, UKIP Deputy Leader, and Head of the British Delegation of British MEPs in the European Parliament’s Europe for Freedom and Direct Democracy group. You can follow on him Facebook


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