Re: Hoisting Lefties on Their Own Petards

In response to Hoist upon their own Climate of Hate petard:

I’m a big believer in hoisting leftists on their own petards, and on this particular issue, nobody deserves it more. Their finger-pointing at Sarah Palin and the Tea Party was absolutely despicable after the Tucson shooting. There was absolutely no justification for it. 

And this unhinged “climate of hate” narrative was advanced by more than just far-left moonbats; the New York Times, AP, ABC,CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC all joined the pig-pile. (My Tucson “Hall of Shame” is listed here.)

Now that the shooter’s actions  can be directly linked to left-wing rhetoric (because he very explicitly shared his left-wing worldview and mentioned the lefties he admired in his manifesto), the reaction from the MSM will be much more muted. To say the least.


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