McConnell: Reid's Filibuster Threat Doesn't Distract People From ObamaCare – It Reminds Them Of It (Video)

In response to Harry Reid Threatens to Go Nuclear – In 2005 He Felt Differently (Video):

US Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell took to the Senate floor, this morning to blast Democrats for attempting to change the subject from the devastating consequences of Obamacare to changing the Senate rules regarding filibusters. 

He reminded the chamber how the Obama administration and Democrats were willing to do and say anything in order to force ObamaCare on the public. 

“The president and his Democratic allies were so determined to force their vision of healthcare on the public, they assured them up and down that they wouldn’t lose the plans they had, that they’d save money instead of losing it, and that they’d be able to use the doctors and hospitals they were already losing. But of course, we know, that rhetoric doesn’t match reality,” McConnell said.

After making note of the unmitigated disaster ObamaCare has become, he taunted “I’d be running for the exits, too, if I’d supported this law. I’d be looking to change the subject!”

He continued, “it doesn’t distract people from ObamaCare – it reminds them of ObamaCare. It reminds them of all the broken promises, it reminds them of the power grabs, it reminds them of the way Democrats set up one set of rules for themselves, and another, for everybody else. 

One set of rules for them – and another for everybody else. Actually, this is all basically the same debate, and rather than distract people from ObamaCare, it only reinforces the narrative of a party that is willing to do and say just about anything to get its way.”