The media herd mentality

In response to Journalists Surveyed: Democrats Outnumber Republicans 4 to 1:

I can’t say it’s a surprise to find so many reporters loudly declare themselves to be “independents.”  I’m only surprised that percentage isn’t higher.  It tells you a lot about media bias that so many of them are cheerfully willing to identify themselves as Democrats, when they’ve got a very powerful institutional reason to say “independent” instead.  You’d think the indy number would be more like 70 or 80 percent.  

Interesting that Republican identification fell, even as there are more right-leaning media outlets where such affiliation would theoretically be common.  Maybe that’s because the Left-media began policing itself more thoroughly for the correct ideology following the 2000 election and the rise of Fox News.  

I’m reminded of the occasional goofball screed that claims conservatives somehow control the mainstream media, ostensibly written as efforts to “debunk” claims of media bias.  In truth, I think those claims indicate the MSM has a strong and growing persecution complex, and it’s probably more career-threatening than ever to openly admit you’re a Republican in the newsroom.

There are many factors contributing to the media’s Left-leaning herd mentality – from liberal domination of J-schools to the ideological sympathy between journalists and politicians who both claim they want to “change the world” – but I’ve always thought one of the simplest explanations is that Big Media is naturally harmonious with Big Government.  It’s not just ideology – it’s a practical arrangement.  Centralized government means the journalists don’t have to range far and wide to get their stories, and there are plenty of big political stories to tell.  Who wants to live in a world where states hold most government power, and individuals have far more power than the government?  There wouldn’t be any trillion-dollar omnibus bills, five-year plans, Beltway soap operas, or aristocratic leaders to write about.  Journalists would actually have to live in flyover country.  Shudder!

I gather the purple block in the chart you posted represents “other.”  Dare I ask what that means?  Or is it primarily comprised of reporters who claim they’re not just “independent,” but entirely apolitical?