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Prominent Wall St. Backer Thinks Mitt May Run


SkyBridge Capital’s Anthony “Mooch” Scaramucci, one of Romney’s biggest Wall Street backers in 2012, thinks that Mitt’s still in position to run under certain conditions.

He predicts that “Romney would ultimately end up running if other establishment favorites like former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R), back out.”

“I don’t think he’s 100% made the decision,” Scaramucci said in a Fox Business interview. “But a couple of factors could happen: If Gov. Jeb Bush drops out or declares that he’s not going to run, I think that puts Gov. Romney in … position.”

“I can tell you right now. The governor has a very strong following, including myself. And he’d be my No. 1 draft pick,” he said.

Romney has repeatedly insisted he is not running and has aggressively touted the other expected candidates in the field. However, at the same time, Romney has hinted he could let himself be wooed into the race under the right circumstances.


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