Breitbart Texas Witnesses 4-Year-Old Who Crossed Border

Breitbart Texas Witnesses 4-Year-Old Who Crossed Border

MISSION, Texas–Breitbart Texas witnessed the apprehension of 11 unaccompanied minors in the past 24-hours. The apprehensions occurred near ground zero of the current border crisis, as the minors turned themselves in to U.S. Border Patrol agents less than a quarter-mile from the Rio Grande River. The minors ranged from about four to 17-years-of-age.

Breitbart Texas came upon the scene of two Border Patrol agents gathering identifying information from the minors who had just entered the United States illegally. The agents were dispatched to the dirt road just east of the Anzalduas International Bridge after cameras detected the children walking on the road.

One of the agents commented that he had been working this sector for many years and has never seen anything like this flood of minors. Another agent said he had recently been assigned temporary duty to this sector from another sector in Texas because of the volume of illegal crossings in the Rio Grande Sector.

There are over 600 Border Patrol agents working in the Rio Grande Sector at this time, according to a Border Patrol agent.

Just over one month ago, Breitbart Texas Managing Director Brandon Darby shocked the world with the release of over forty photographs showing the inhumane conditions the unaccompanied minors have been living in since they turned themselves in to U.S. authorities. At first, officials from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency attempted to deny the legitimacy of the photos, but their claim was eventually proven to be false.

Once again, no adult males were found with this group of minors. The adult males appear to take a different pathway to the country. This destination is often a stash house in Houston, San Antonio or Dallas.

One of the dangerous portions of the journey is located around the town of Falfurrias in Brooks County, where the illegal immigrants attempt to evade the Border Patrol checkpoint. Often they are dropped off in the southern part of the county and told to hike for several days through the dangerous heat and desert-like conditions of the expansive local ranches. If they become injured or cannot keep up, they are left to die in the fields by their smugglers.

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