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Perry Insinuates Presidential Run at Energy Summit

Perry Insinuates Presidential Run at Energy Summit

HOUSTON, Texas — Texas Governor Rick Perry sounded very much like a presidential candidate during a speech before a group of energy and political supporters Thursday night in Houston. Perry told the audience America needs a President with vision to lead us to energy independence. He went on to say America should free European allies from the shackles of dependency on Russian energy exports.

Perry was speaking before the “At the Crossroads” Energy and Climate Policy Summit being hosted by the Texas Public Policy Foundation and the Heritage Foundation. He said America should aggressively market American energy around the globe. “We can help liberate our European allies from their dependence on Russian natural gas,” Perry stated.

After being introduced by Lt. Governor candidate, State Senator Dan Patrick (R-Houston), Perry opened his remarks talking about innovation and excellence as part of the American culture and Texas’ role in the development of the energy industry.

“The successful exploration of oil, natural gas and coal would power the automobile industry and the electricity grid and provide new ways to heat and cool our homes and assist in the development of products from cell phones to window frames, making life better for us all,” Perry explained. “The surge in production of oil and gas that we have experienced in the last 10 years didn’t happen because of a government mandate or an EPA study; it happened because America is a land of innovation and entrepreneurs and because of the application of a new technology: precision drilling coupled with a well-known and routine process — hydraulic fracturing –our energy resource base is by far the largest in the world, larger than Russia’s or Saudi Arabia’s.”

Perry reminded the audience it was earlier this year when Texas surpassed Russia in the production of natural gas. “I got a real charge out of that,” he said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has lost his respect for America’s leadership in the world after President Obama shut down the European missile defense system. “While we seek peace with Russia, we know Mr. Putin doesn’t respect lofty rhetoric but instead real strength.”

“The first order of business to restore balance to Europe is for America to build an energy shield to protect our strategic allies,” Perry stated. “To show leadership abroad we must accelerate the export of America’s vast energy resources.”

Breitbart Texas writer Kristin Tate observed a hesitancy on Perry’s part during that part of his speech. “It was like he caught himself before saying ‘my administration,'” Tate said.

“Let us speak plainly about the stakes: our energy policy is a driving force of both our economic prosperity and our national security,” Perry continued. “One of the most profound ways we can enhance our national security and promote stability around the globe is to aggressively market American energy abroad.”

Bob Price is a staff writer and a member of the original Breitbart Texas team. Follow him on Twitter @BobPriceBBTX.


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