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Twenty Mexican Officials Accused of Torturing Witnesses

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Mexican authorities are looking into 20 state officials who are said to have tortured three women who were detained after the Mexican army killed 22 cartel gunmen in the rural town of Tlataya.

Initially the Mexican government had praised a group of soldiers that had killed the 22 gunmen that had barricaded themselves in a warehouse and had rescued a group of women in June of last year. After pressure from international media, Mexican officials then arrested some of the soldiers accusing them of having executed some of the cartel members after they had surrendered.

As previously reported by Breitbart Texas, Mexican investigators are believed to have helped cover up the killings and tried to get the witnesses to report their version of the events.

Investigators with the State of Mexico Attorney General’s Office have begun looking into the testimony of three women who were arrested at the time of the shooting and released in December who claimed to have been tortured in order to change their statement, Mexico’s Proceso Magazine reported.

The 20 officials are believed to be innocent until proven guilty and they have not been removed from their duties until the investigation proves otherwise, Proceso reported. The investigation comes after Mexico’s Human Rights Commission ruled that the women’s rights may have been violated during their detention by authorities.

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