Sorry Owen Jones But Orlando Was More Than Just a Case of Souped-up Gay-Bashing

With a self-parodic idiocy which quite defies satire, the usual suspects on the liberal-left have decided to rebrand the latest appalling Islamist-inspired atrocity as just a more extreme version of routine hate-crime – this time one driven by ‘homophobia’. “This was a deliberate attack

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Confusion About ‘Third Suspect’ in San Bernardino

Questions swirl on social media about a “third suspect” in the San Bernardino terror attack, despite the public statements of law enforcement attesting that only two shooters were involved.

Nicholas Thalasinos (Facebook)

One Victim in San Bernardino Received Death Threats Prior to Massacre

One of the 14 victims of Wednesday’s mass shooting at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, Nicholas Thalasinos, 52, wrote in a Facebook post the day before the attack that he had received threats for days, including one that stated, “You will die and never see Israel.”

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Paris Carnage: How The West Will Respond

Does the West yet have the resolve to deal with the Islamist threat? Douglas Murray thinks not. As he argues here and here it will take more than the deaths of a mere 128 people in Paris – and the wounding of


More Questions Than Answers Remain in Case of 43 Kidnapped Mexican Students

Almost nine months have passed since a group of 43 education students form the rural Mexican town of Aytozinapa were shot at and kidnapped by local police, Mexican drug cartels, and possibly the Mexican federal government. As time has passed since the fateful events of September 26, 2014, parents of those missing students have gotten more questions than answers, and developed a deeper mistrust of the Mexican government.

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Iraqis Exhume Mass Graves of ISIS Victims in Tikrit

Iraqi forensic teams have begun the grim work of exhuming mass graves around the formerly ISIS-held city of Tikrit and taking account of the victims. What they have found tells a mind-shattering tale of horror.


Mexican Authorities Arrest Zeta Accused in Massacre of 72 Immigrants

One member of the Zetas drug cartel who was tied to the brutal massacre of 72 Central American immigrants in 2010, has been captured by Mexican Federal Police. Jose Guadalupe “El Sasi” Reyes Rivera was caught this week while hiding out in a mechanic shop in Ciudad Victoria, the capital of the State of Tamaulipas, information released to Breitbart Texas by Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office revealed.


Relatives of 43 Missing Mexican Students Visit America: ‘I Will Not Stop Searching’

ALAMO, Texas — Fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers of 43 kidnapped education students refuse to give up in their quest to find their loved ones alive despite what they call an ongoing effort on the part of the Mexican government to brush aside the case. Under the moto of “they took them alive, alive we want them” the relatives continue their quest for answers and justice.

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Mexican Government Denies Manipulating Evidence In Case of 43 Missing Students

As controversy continues to swirl around the case of 43 Mexican students believed to have been killed by cartel members, a renowned group of forensic experts is accusing the Mexican government of manipulating evidence and violating investigative protocols in order to support their version of events. Mexican authorities have denied the claims.

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60 Bodies Found in Abandoned Acapulco Funeral Home

Mexican authorities have found the remains of at least 60 bodies and loose limbs inside an abandoned funeral home in the Mexican tourist resort of Acapulco. The gruesome find was made by state and military authorities responding to citizen complaints

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Mexico’s Human Rights Commission to Inspect Military Forts Over Executed Students

As previously reported by Breitbart Texas, police officers from the towns of Iguala and Cocula fired on and kidnapped 43 education students allegedly under orders of the now indicted mayor Jose Luis Abarca. The police officers then turned the students over to cartel members who executed them and incinerated their bodies before dumping the ashes in a nearby river.

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Twenty Mexican Officials Accused of Torturing Witnesses

Mexican authorities are looking into 20 state officials who are said to have tortured three woman who were detained after the Mexican army killed 22 cartel gunmen in the rural town of Tlataya.