Foreign Child Molester Caught in Texas — After Deportation

Flickr Creative Commons / rain0975
Flickr Creative Commons / rain0975

EAGLE PASS, Texas — A previously deported child molester from El Salvador has been arrested at a nearby ranch after illegally re-entering the country.

The arrest took place on Thursday when U.S. Border Patrol agents from Eagle Pass were patrolling the ranches near Eagle Pass and arrested 33-year-old Julio Cesar Caceres Paz for having illegally entered the country, information provided to Breitbart Texas by U.S. Border Patrol revealed.

When the agents were processing Caceres, they learned that he was a previously convicted sex offender who had been sentenced in Harris County to a three year prison term in 2011 on the charge of indecency with a child.  Caceres ended up being deported in 2013 but was able to make his way back to Texas this week .

“Our Border Patrol agents’ efforts and unwavering commitment to the mission of protecting our nation’s borders demonstrate great diligence and perseverance,” said Chief Patrol Agent, Del Rio Sector, Rodolfo Karisch in a prepared statement. “Their outstanding efforts, allow us to keep our communities safe.”

As Breitbart Texas has previously reported, criminal aliens who have been labeled as sexual predators continue to sneak into Texas and some end up getting arrested by U.S. border Patrol agents.  In addition to child rapists, other criminal aliens caught at the Texas border include previously convicted drug traffickers and in some cases members of the fearsome Mara Salvatrucha gang.

Just last month, authorities in the border city of McAllen arrested a previously deported members of the MS-13 who had been convicted of brutally stabbing an innocent man at a restaurant in Virginia, Breitbart Texas reported. 

In that case, MS-13 member Gilberto Ernesto “El Diablo” Gutierrez, had been deported in 2013 but managed to make his way back into Texas in late November.

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