VIDEO: Cartel Smugglers Stumble into Mexican TV Reporters

fence jumpers
Youtube / Borderlinea

A crew of Mexican reporters who were recording a segment on the border fence in the city of Nogales Arizona, ended up stumbling into two cartel smugglers who managed to sneak into the country undetected.

Carolina Rocha a reporter for Mexico’s Azteca Noticias had been recording a segment along Nogales’ International Avenue for an apparent story on cross border shootings when two cartel smugglers with large bundles strapped to their back were able to climb over the border fence from Mexico in a matter of seconds. The two were were able to use the gaps between the metal posts that make the fence to create leverage in order to rapidly climb up and down the fence.

The video shows the two narco- smugglers sneaking around the street as they search for cover while one of them holds a push-to-talk telephone to communicate with other members of the smuggling group. The smuggling attempt was carried out even with the fence, cameras and constant patrolling of federal agents, the Mexican reporter narrated in the video.

The reporters are able to film for several moments without the cartel smugglers noticing that they were being recorded. When the two smugglers noticed that they were being filmed they waved at the reporter to stop filming and continued talking into the radio alerting their crew that they were being filmed.

After a few tense moments the narco-smugglers ran back towards the fence and were able to climb over it in a matter of seconds. The reporter can be heard in the video saying “I am only doing my job, son,” as the smugglers go back into Mexico.

Cartel smugglers being able to leap over the border fence is common in the Nogales area. Breitbart Texas previously reported on a similar smuggling attempt that took place in August 2015. In that video two smugglers can be seen going over another portion of the fence and sliding down without any difficulty.

Ildefonso Ortiz is an award winning journalist with Breitbart Texas you can follow him on Twitter and on Facebook.


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