Drug Smugglers

Feds Target Mexico-Based Heroin Smuggling Ring

According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, officials made the six arrests Wednesday while executing six state search warrants. In addition to the arrests, the investigation resulted in the seizure of three firearms, two vehicles, 13 ounces of black tar heroin and more than $106,505 “in suspected drug proceeds.”

Mexican tar heroin seized in different raid operations, File

Breitbart Texas Report Forces Authorities to Secure Border Park Used by Los Zetas Cartel

LAREDO, Texas — Just days after Breitbart Texas revealed that Los Zetas cartel drug smugglers were running wild in this border city by using a popular border park to run their drugs, authorities have since stepped up their presence in the area. Though local and federal authorities had been made aware that drug runners were using the children’s park in broad daylight, they took no action until Breitbart Texas was the first media outlet to cover the issue.

Laredo Smugglers