Poll: Majority of Hispanics Say U.S. Immigration System is ‘Mostly Broken’

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The vast majority of Hispanics in the country say the United States’ immigration system is “mostly broken,” while a whopping 38 percent say tougher immigration policies are needed, according to new polling.

Of the 800 registered Hispanic voters surveyed, 69 percent said the country’s immigration system in general was broken and therefore needed to be fixed, according to a Fox News Latino study.

More Hispanic voters favor stricter immigration laws than those who oppose toughening the law, with 38 percent saying immigration policy was “not strict enough,” compared to only 26 percent who said policies are “strict enough.”

Another 30 percent of Hispanics said immigration laws were “about right.”

The poll results also showed how Hispanics continue to agree with the Democratic Party and Republican establishment’s view on immigration, where illegal immigrants can receive a pathway to citizenship.

A staggering 88 percent of Hispanics said they favored legalizing illegal immigrants already in the country, while only nine percent favor deporting illegals.

When asked about their views on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Hispanics overwhelmingly said they favor Clinton over the New York business mogul, who has a hard-line stance on border security and illegal immigration.

Some 71 percent said Clinton would do a better job on immigration versus Trump’s 19 percent of support among Hispanics on the issue.

Clinton’s plan for immigration is to create path for legal status for illegal immigrants and possibly citizenship. Clinton also supports taxpayer funded education for illegal immigrants, and plans on growing the country’s Syrian Muslim refugee intake by 500 percent, according to recent reporting from Breitbart News.

Trump has made immigration and refugee flows into the country two main priorities in the presidential election, as he vows to build a southern border wall to cap the constant string of illegal immigration.

Trump also plans to deport the millions of illegal immigrants currently living in the country illegally, many of whom receive federal aid and public housing.

Breitbart reported earlier how The Washington Post echoed Breitbart’s assertion that mass immigration into the country could potentially lead to historic landslide political victories for Democrats for years to come.

John Binder is a contributor for Breitbart Texas. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.


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