Watchdog: Los Angeles County Is Ducking Voter ID Rules

A steady stream of voters fill the voting booths at Ronald Reagan Lodge, Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012, in West Chester, Ohio. (AP Photo/Al Behrman)
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Texas-based election integrity organization True the Vote is calling into question whether Los Angeles County election officials are properly training poll workers to follow voter identification standards.

In a letter obtained by Breitbart Texas dated October 31, the Houston-based nonprofit calls into question whether the Los Angeles County Clerk’s office is properly training poll workers to check-in voters. The group alleges, based on a complaint received from an L.A. County “trainee”, that if a county official cannot find a voter’s claimed name and address, they can allow the potential voter to search the registry on their own to select a voter registration listed.

The Texas group argues that because California has relatively relaxed voter identification standards, there is room for error and fraud when workers are instructed to “tur[n] over the registry to the voter”.

A copy of the abridged training video in question was republished by True the Vote.

The group tells Breitbart Texas that what may appear to be a simple troubleshooting procedure for voter check-in is in stark violation of California election law. According to the complaint, the law in question apparently states:

Any person desiring to vote shall announce his or her name and address in an audible tone of voice, and when one of the precinct officers finds the name in the index, the officer shall in a like manner repeat the name and address. The voter shall then write his or her name and residence address … If the precinct board is unable to find a voter’s name upon the index of registration, it shall inform the voter that he or she may cast a provisional ballot…

The Texas group is concerned that allowing a voter to select a record they claim to be theirs after a poll worker has failed to find the name listed could reduce the number of lawful provisional ballots and risk vote stealing or accidental ballot transfers.

“Election fraud has become institutionalized in our voting systems—this is a textbook example of how this happens,” Catherine Engelbrecht said. The group’s founder warns that this discovery, if ignored, “neuters” the Golden State’s “weak voter identification rules.”

For the sake of comparison, True the Vote reportedly reviewed the training materials offered for poll workers in San Diego, Fresno, and Alameda Counties and did not find similar guidance.

The letter, addressed to Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk Dean Logan and copying the California Secretary of State, argues that “it is of considerable concern that your office may be training election workers to operate outside of state election statutes specifically governing this process.” For this case, the group demands “an immediate clarification”.

The complaint letter notes that True the Vote initially received word of this potential matter through its smartphone app dedicated for citizen-reporting of election problems, VoteStand. Breitbart Texas recently reported that the tool is available for iPhone and Android devices.

The letter hints to the severity of this issue if left unresolved. Los Angeles County serves more than 5.1 million registered voters and roughly 57 percent of those are likely to cast ballots at a polling place where this training is relevant. Approximately 2.27 million voters are eligible to participate by mail as their default option.

A copy of the letter has been published below.

2016.10.31 LA County Check-In by True The Vote on Scribd

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