Death Toll Reaches 225 in Mexico City Earthquake

The Associated Press
Mexico City

Rescue workers, military personnel, and volunteers continue to search for survivors in the rubble following a deadly 7.1 earthquake that claimed 225 lives so far.

In the latest statistics released by the Mexican government, 94 victims died in Mexico City; 71 in the State of Morelos; 43 in the State of Puebla; 12 in the State of Mexico; four in the State of Guerrero; and one in the State of Oaxaca.

The earthquake struck on Tuesday shortly after 1 p.m. causing widespread destruction throughout Central Mexico, Breitbart Texas reported. The Tamaulipas government confirmed to Breitbart Texas that the effects of the quake were felt in the port city of Tampico, however, no damage or casualties were reported there.

In response to the quake, average citizens joined forces during a series of searches to rescue any survivors. In a loosely coordinated effort, thousands of volunteers handed rocks and debris from one person to another, creating a human chain to rescue victims trapped inside. Survivors were pulled from schools, homes, apartment complexes, and other collapsed structures.

The massive earthquake struck on the 25th anniversary of Mexico’s deadliest quake in recorded history. On September 19, 1985, a tremor spread terror and chaos throughout Mexico City, killing more than 10,000 victims.

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